Weighing a 15-Year Mortgage Against a Cash Loan

In today’s housing market, refinancing a mortgage with a 15 year loan is the way to go unless a cash loan is going to be required in order deal with other financial debts.

Generally speaking, if a homeowner has been paying on the homestead for several years, he would not want to extend the mortgage terms back out another 30 years, unless the purpose of the refinance loan is to add cash to the household budget and a lower payment can only be achieved with a 30 year refi-loan.

By taking on a 15 year mortgage with a fixed rate, homeowners get an affordable monthly payment, a lower rate, and a substantial savings in interest when it is compared to taking out another 30 year loan.

Standard refinancing loans apply, and the homeowner has to live in the home for enough time to allow the interest expense savings to compensate for the new loan’s closing cost. Anyone not planning on living in the home for long, should reconsider refinancing for a cash loan.

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