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Salina Crime Report – September 14th

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Salina Police take several reports of damage to vehicles:

Benjamin Salas reports all the windows of his car were broken out while it was parked in the 1100 block of Harold Friday evening about 10:30 pm Damage is listed at $1,100.

On Saturday evening, a Salina woman tells police her car was damaged in the area of Pershing and Sunset, when it was bumped while moving during a domestic argument. Damage is listed at $700. Police are looking for a known suspect.

A Salina woman reports two cars she owns were damaged between midnight and 5 am Sunday morning while they were parked in the 700 block of S. 4th. Kalli Maxwell said one car had scratches, and the other had the windshield shattered and a window shattered. Damage is estimated at $800.

Salina Police take a report of the theft of scrap metal. Salina Iron and Metal, 312 N. 5th, reports the metal valued at $2,142 was taken between June 2nd and August 22nd. There is a known suspect.

A 35-year-old man who thought he was paying off a debt to a cash advance company learns he has been scammed. The man tells Salina Police between June 1st and September 11th, he had made three $125 payments to a man claiming to be a lawyer for the company. The payments were made through MoneyGram at Walmart. When asked to make additional payments, the man became suspicous and learned he had been sending payments to someone who did not repersent the company he had a loan with.

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Cowen Starts Solar3D (SLTD) at Outperform

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Cowen initiates coverage on Solar3D (NASDAQ: SLTD) with a Outperform rating and a price target of $5.00, citing strong growth prospects with regional solar installation model.

Analyst Jeffrey Osborne commented, We see the roll-up strategy of regional installers in California as a sound move given the strong growth prospects in the western US We see California in particular as least exposed to the pending expiration of the solar investment tax credit (ITC) at the end of 2016 given the economics of solar are still very compelling. In addition, we highlight the company is focused solely on cash/loan business offerings and is not bogged down by lease accounting or retained projects on the balance sheet.

For an analyst ratings summary and ratings history on Solar3D click here. For more ratings news on Solar3D click here.

Shares of Solar3D closed at $3.47 yesterday.

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Box after box reveals secrets from the past

Monday, September 28th, 2015

“It’s just absolutely fantastic,” she said of the archive. “They seem to have kept so much material.”

Miss Willett added: “There’s lots of papers regarding the running of the estate, including the running of the land, there’s also domestic papers to do with what was eaten in the kitchen, shopping accounts, there’s title deeds, there’s cellar books, there’s a wealth of information.

“The Graham Family archive is a significant collection that sheds light on the history of landed estates…

“The position of landowners and their interactions within the national sphere ensures there is plenty here to intrigue and delight anyone wishing to learn a little more about the lives and pastimes associated with such estates; from the request of a cash loan by the King to how much was spent on groceries or paid to a colliery worker in 1665. The level of detail is truly fascinating.”

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Is it OK to borrow from your kid’s piggy bank?

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Mike Hall brings up a delicate subject which may get you thinking about your childrens financial future.

There’s a wide range of feelings on the subject of borrowing from your children. Some parents see it as morally reprehensible, akin to stealing from the needy. Others see it as a normal practise in a family that supports each other. An article in Time magazine states that between 30-50% of parents take money from their children’s piggy bank or savings account. Of these parents, around half said they did not feel guilty, and around half never pay the money back.

It’s yours anyway

An argument in favour of borrowing from your children, is that it can be considered your money. A child’s savings are often mostly made up of money given to them by their parents, and while you are their legal guardian, you’re responsible for everything they own.

Reverse Logic

On the flip side, you have to consider the example you are setting for your children. If you take money from them when they are young, they might be more likely to take money from your purse or wallet when they are older. They may see taking money from family as normal, or they may feel resentful of you for stealing what they understand to be their property.

Asking Permission

The age of the child is obviously a factor. Often parents start saving for their children at an early age. If your child is too young to understand money, then it wouldn’t really be possible to discuss borrowing with them. If your child is in primary school or older, you could ask for their permission before borrowing the money. It’s more honest than just taking it, and they will understand what has happened to the money if they are looking for it. However, you will have to respect their decision, even if you are refused, or you are teaching them the wrong lesson, and they won’t feel guilty about taking money from you without permission.

Interest Levels

If you get your child’s permission to borrow their money, you can discuss remuneration to incentivise the deal. They might be more than happy to let you have the money, but why miss the opportunity to teach them a bit about personal finance management, an important part of life that is sadly underemphasized in their school education.

If you are borrowing pocket change, it will easy to pay back more than you borrow. If you need £2, you could pay back £2.50 the next day, or £3 at the end of the week. If you are borrowing a larger amount, like from a savings account for their future, then you could look into how much it would cost to borrow the same money from a short term cash loan company, and pay your child something similar. It will stop you from relying on borrowing from them too often, it will teach them how borrowing and lending works in the real world, and surely you would rather this money go to your child’s future instead of a loan shark.

Money Box

If you often find yourself short on change, and needing to borrow small amounts from your child’s piggy bank or money box for small purchases, then perhaps there’s a better solution. With £10 of change from the bank and a few small notes, you can create your own petty cash box. Put your spare change into the box when you have some, and try to refill it if it gets low. This avoids any conflict or mixed messaging for your children.

Borrowing from Savings

If you find yourself regularly having to borrow money from your children’s savings account, there is likely something wrong with the way you are managing your finances. You should have savings of your own to borrow from, or at least a buffer amount in your account for unexpected payments.

Using Money Dashboard you can easily view and sort your monthly income and payments and set a budget to stick to. If it doesn’t leave you with a small amount to put into your savings, after paying off your monthly bills and debt repayments, then you need to consolidate your debts into a lower monthly payment, or scale back your lifestyle. There are lots of tips on how to save money on the Money Dashboard blog.

Pocket change is one thing, but if your children have more spendable wealth than you do, then something isn’t right. If you need to take the money back off them before the month is over, then you are paying them more than you can afford to.

About the author

Mike Hall is a media and marketing professional, specialising in video production and contentmarketing.From Edinburgh, Scotland, Mike now lives in Glasgow. He has experience is short filmproduction, podacasting and Internet radio, as well as having worked with SMEs in the technologyindustry, and private clients as a web designer, and an IT and marketing consultant.

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Meijer store in Stow-Kent Shopping Center still planned, but ‘very early in …

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Stow — Shoppers will very likely have to wait more than a year before they will be able to enter the doors of a planned Meijer department and grocery store at the Stow-Kent Shopping Center.

Things are progressing nicely, said Rob Risman, a principal in plaza owner Stow Kent Associates LLC, on Sept. 9. It just takes longer than you might think.

Theres really not a lot to share, said Meijer spokesman Frank Guglielmi, also on Sept. 9. Its still very early in the process, but we are definitely interested in that site.

Ive spoken with the plaza owners as recently as last week, Mayor Sara Drew said Sept. 10.

Theyre still moving forward with the Meijer store, she said. We have also received updated engineering and plans regarding the site.

Both the citys planning commission and City Council approved a site plan last November for a 193,000-square-foot Meijer store at the plazas rear, as well as a 10-pump service station with a 2,500-square-foot convenience store in front, by Route 59, on the site of a Wendys restaurant that would be demolished.

Also approved was a conditional zoning certificate, which is required for gas stations and department stores with outside storage areas, including the Meijer stores planned garden center, in a C-4 general business district.

Guglielmi said the store would be about the size of a typical Meijer super store, which has between 250 and 300 full- and part-time employees. Meijer Real Estate Manager Cris Jones told the planning commission last November that Meijer employees are unionized.

The approvals came after a previous plan to convert the plaza into a mixed-use site, with retail in front and a 152-unit apartment and townhouse development north of the plaza, was dropped. About 90,000 square feet of long vacant retail space to the rear was demolished last year and another 55,000 square feet on the plazas west side would need to be demolished to make way for the Meijer store. This includes a Big Lots store, a National Cash Advance location and some vacant storefronts.

Another 50,000 square feet closer to Route 59 would remain and be remodeled on the outside, including a Fitworks gym and retail spaces facing Route 59. An approximately 84,000-square-foot Macys department store on the plazas east side will also remain.

Risman said Stow Kent Associates is still working with Meijer on numerous details, such as those involving utility easements, that need to be resolved before Meijer completes the purchase of the property.

Things are moving along and hopefully it will progress to where well be able to complete the sale of the land, said Risman, adding he believes the sale will be completed by the end of this year.

Risman said the remaining demolition will most likely not take place until sometime after the property sale is concluded, especially since the tenants still have leases.

Nothing real long term, nothing that will hold up anything, he said.

Guglielmi said Meijer has the property under contract, which means weve negotiated a price and we have a contract to hold the price.

He said that even after the purchase and demolition are completed, it would still take some time before the store would open.

Once we have all the approvals and go through the due diligence and purchase the property, its about 12 to 14 months to build it, said Guglielmi.

Meijer Real Estate Manager Cris Jones told city officials last November the Stow store and gas station represents a $20 million investment.

According to Meijers website, the company has 220 stores in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

Jones said last year that the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Meijer is a third-generation, family-owned company.

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Company Shares of On Deck Capital, Inc. (NYSE:ONDK) Rally 10.29%

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

On Deck Capital, Inc. (NYSE:ONDK) stock has received a short term price target of $ 18.15 from 13 Analyst. The share price can be expected to fluctuate from the mean short term target, can be seen from the standard deviation reading of $4.34. The higher estimate of target price is $27 , while the lower price target estimate is $14

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Get No Credit Check Loan

Friday, September 25th, 2015

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Friday, September 25th, 2015

NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – September 13, 2015) – The independent authority on payment processors,, has named their ratings of the 30 top merchant cash advance services in the payment processing industry for the month of September 2015. Each month the independent research team at evaluates the top performing merchant cash advance services and ranks them based on their performance during a thorough analysis of their provided services. The ratings are released at the start of each month to assist businesses in selecting an effective solution.

The independent research team spends time investigating merchant cash advance services by taking an in-depth look at key strengths and competitive advantages of performing credit card processing services. The recommendations are organized through the use of a set of evaluation verticals. The five verticals used to measure and compare services include rates, customer support, calculation methods, security, and efficiency. Credit card processing services are put to the test to ensure the top services are ranked to assist businesses in selecting the absolute top services to meet their specific requirements.

The 30 top merchant cash advance services for September 2015 are:

1- Leaders Funding

2- Strategic Merchant Solutions

3- CAN Capital

4- BankCard USA

5- RedFynn

6- Maverick Capital

7- Beacon Payments, LLC

8- Yellowstone Capital

9- Advance Funds Network

10- Everest Merchant Services


12- Rapid Capital Funding

13- CardSmart Merchant Services

14- Merchants Choice Payment Solutions

15- ICBA Bancard

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topcreditcardprocessorscom Declares Merchants Advance Network as the Top …

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – August 31, 2015) – has announced the rankings of the 30 best merchant cash advance services for August 2015. Merchants Advance Network has been named the best service due to their strong performance during the rigorous evaluation process. The ratings are released each month to assist buyers of credit card processing services in selecting reputable services.

The independent research team at performs a meticulous examination of the competing services in order to stay informed of their latest achievements within the industry. Competing services are put to the test through the use of five verticals of evaluation in areas including customer support, calculation methods, security, rates, and efficiency. The rankings consist of the best merchant cash advance services each month with the rankings being updated due to the latest information obtained from the examination.

For a more in-depth evaluation, the independent research team connects with client references. Clients are questioned to obtain their opinions on the solutions provided to them. This provides valuable insight into the internal processes and methodologies of the service offering the solution. In many cases clients contact directly to voice their opinions.

The ratings are released monthly to assist businesses in selecting a top contending merchant cash advance service. Merchants Advance Network has been highlighted in the list due to their impressive solutions. Thousands of payment processing services are considered each month but only the truly best are considered for the ratings.

About is an established independent research firm focusing on the analysis and rankings of credit card processing services all around the world. The rankings are organized by the independent research team each month to feature the best merchant cash advance services based on their accomplishments and their rating achieved through the proprietary analysis process.

Those interested in applying for the rankings can visit:

Contact Information
Marc Stephens
9045 Strada Stell Ct.
Naples, FL 34109

Copyright Marketwire

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Orapa to Host Miss RADP

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

She hailed the support her office has received from the business community in Letlhakane, saying the monetary prizes for the winners would also increase this year. Last year the winner walked home with gifts worth P2 000 and this year the prize has increased to P5 000.

The support for this years event has been impressive. We have received sponsorship from BK Coffins, Mumys Cash Loan, Tagala holdings, Gorts Investments and Edlish Investments, she said.

She also said there were individuals and companies who have pledged in kind and monetary assistance whose names would be mentioned at the end of the event.

She highlighted that all participants were from communities that were economically challenged and dependent on the government for their welfare provisions and sustenance.

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