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How to Up Your Small Business’s Cash Flow — Fast

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Of the many challenges that small businesses face, thevast majority cite cash flow as one of the biggest roadblocks to running a successful and growing enterprise. About 60 percent of themfail for this reason alone.

The flow of capital in and out of a business is an inevitable part of operating, but there are ways to prepare for working capital gaps. Here, the most commonroot causes of such cash-flow gapsand tips to remedy thesituations.

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The biggest problems

  • Small businesses often don#39;t know when a customer will pay, and pinpointing the influx of capital is nearly impossible

  • Days Sales Outstanding is the measure used to calculate the number of days a company waits to collect payment from accounts receivable. A study released by Experian showed that large companies were paying invoices an average of about eightdays overdue, a 14.1 percentincrease from the previous year

  • Small businesses are often at the mercy of larger companies and therefore have less negotiation power when it comes to terms of payment

And what to do about them

  • Accessing outstanding invoice amounts with programs like Fundbox:There are product applications such as Fundbox that link directly to accounting software enabling small business owners to instantly advance the full amount of an invoice and avoid the challenges with longer payment terms. Programs like this bridge the gap between accounts receivable and accounts payable. They also alleviate the stress and uncertainty of not being able to predict when an invoice will be paid

  • Merchant cash advance like Square Capital, CAN or Rapid Capital Funding: Astructured lump-sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon feeor apercentage of future credit or debit card sales. This option is best when a small business is in need of a large amount of money immediately and has substantial credit card transaction volume through its POS terminal

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  • Alternative lenders like OnDeck:OnDeck is a platform that provides immediate, direct loans to small businesses. With alternative lenders such as this, the average loan is around $35,000which is most helpful for purchasing equipment, hiring additional employees or beginning a marketing campaign

  • Invoicing products like Freshbooks:Freshbooks is an e-invoicing and billing software for owners of small businesses that send invoices to clients and get paid for their service or products. Freshbooks assists small businesses in keeping their invoices organized, as well as tracking time and additional expenses

  • Set up Automated Clearing House payments using sites like facilitates electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House network, a secure system for clearing electronic payments between banks. simplifies how businesses pay and collect their bills

  • PayPal:It#39;s not only an alternative payment solution, but also a credit provider to merchants that have online businesses

According to the Small Business Administration, more than 23 million small businesses in the US account for more than 54 percentof the sales of goods and services. Despite small business being the engine that fuels the US economy, a restrictive financial environment makes it difficult to secure working capital as small business lending is not profitable for large banks.

Taking the above into consideration and knowing that cash flow is the lifeblood of a strong operation, understanding the available options is critical. These solutions are good examples of the tools small business owners have at their disposal to get through cash flow gaps and access capital to invest in growing their businesses.

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New Jersey gas tax hike looks unlikely in near future

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

TRENTON – It looks likely that New Jersey wont be raising gas taxes in the next few months.

Gov. Chris Christies administration has put together a mix of borrowed, transferred and surplus funds to provide a financial plan for transportation projects in the 2016 state budget without raising the states 14.5-cent per gallon gas tax at what would be a politically sensitive time — with the full Assembly on this years state ballot and Christie mulling a run for president.

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, D-Hudson, who has been advocating for a gas tax increase to replenish the near-broke Transportation Trust Fund for more than a year, said he hopes theres still a chance but that the looming midterm elections are a factor. Democrats, who can pass bills on their own but not overcome gubernatorial vetoes, have been pursuing a bipartisan solution to neutralize the topic as an election-year issue.

I always say that Im not an optimist or a pessimist. I was trying to be an optimist on this one, but Im being a realist, Prieto said. I dont know for certain, but it just looks as everyones gearing up — you know, the filing deadline is next Monday. I think that the challengers are far and many. I think that political will may not be there, which makes me kind of sad.

MORE: Gas tax debate heating up before plan even finalized

Opponents who have fought the gas tax such as Americans for Prosperity said lawmakers should look for places to cut spending in the budget in order to extend or expand the Transportation Trust Fund. The plan for the coming year cant be sustained beyond 2016, so the debate over the future of road and rail projects remains unresolved.

If Ive learned one thing in politics, theres no battle thats ever completely won or lost, said Mike Proto, AFPs communications director. This issues not going to go away, and were going to continue to fight it tooth and nail.

The Transportation Trust Fund will in essence drain its accounts, max out its credit card and score money from a couple of relatives to get through 2016.

Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Shapiro said the 2016 financial plan includes $626.8 million in new transportation bonds, $241.5 million in New Jersey Transit repayment of a cash advance for the current budget, $35.9 million from interest on Build America Bonds and the $280.8 million cash balance the trust fund expects to carry into the fiscal year. It also projects receiving $353 million from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

MORE: Gas-tax alternatives blasted as asinine and absurd

That amounts to $1.538 billion in funding, plus roughly as much from federal sources.

Beginning in July, all the money from the gas tax and other revenues that go into the trust fund will be needed to repay past borrowing.

Prieto said he hasnt yet seen the details of the plan from the Christie administration, beyond its announcement last month that it borrow around $600 million.

Prieto noted that the five-year financial plan that allows the borrowing also intended for Christie to spend $1.8 billion on transportation projects from the regular state budget, often referred to as pay-as-you-go or paygo. The state instead put in $65 million, all in the programs first year.

It looks like theyre heading in a different direction, again kicking the can down the road, Prieto said.

MORE: Poll shows most oppose NJ gas tax hike

Michael Symons: (609) 984-4336;

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RS Project moves forward

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Ten city councils and a standing room only crowd packed the United Farmers Cooperative Berdan Center on Monday for a public hearing and adoption of a tax abatement resolution to fund a loan to the Renville-Sibley County Fiber Joint Powers Agency for the RS Fiber Cooperative. City Councils from Brownton, Fairfax, Gaylord, Gibbon, New Auburn and Stewart approved property tax abatement resolutions. Winthrop, Green Isle and Lafayette continued action until their next council meetings. Buffalo Lake did not approve an abatement but can make a cash loan to the project. Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc., President/CEO Dan Pecarina said the project could begin in early April and half of the service area could be powered up with Internet and phone fiber optic cable services in cities and wireless service in townships by the end of 2015.

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Barnstaple money lender guilty of seizing TV at machete point

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Mr Cook said he owed Damsell the cash for cannabis and bootleg tobacco but he told the jury it was a cash loan.

Damsell, aged 42, of Barum Arcade, Barnstaple, denied robbery but was found guilty. He had already admitted having the machete in a public place.

Recorder Marcus Tregilgas-Davey adjourned sentence for a probation pre sentence report and bailed Damsell to live at a Christian run hostel in Barnstaple where drink and drugs are forbidden.

He told him: You have been found guilty of a serious matter. I want to make it very clear the fact I am adjourning this case for a report and giving you bail is not an indication of the likely sentence. All options remain open.

Richard Crabb, for the defence, said Damsell has turned his life around since the incident in June 2013 with the help of the Christian run hostel where he is staying away from drink and drugs.

During the two day case Mr Cook told the jury he owed £170 for tobacco and a small amount of cannabis to Damsell, which should have been repaid a week before the robbery.

That afternoon he had received a hand written letter from Damsell which read: You have blanked me and been disrespectful and out of order. You owe me. If I dont get it, my boys and I will take goods to the value of the debt.

He texted back offering four weekly payments of £50 but Damsell came round with a man and a woman at around 6 pm, brandished a machete, and seized the 50 inch Panasonic.

He called the police who arrested Damsell as he got into a taxi carrying the television and with the machete still in his rucksack.

Damsell said the money was a loan which had been outstanding for six weeks and that Mr Cook had been avoiding him.

He said the note was a request to have the cash repaid and when he called at the house he had not produced the machete or made any threats.

He said Mr Cook had suggested he take the television and keep it as collateral until he was able to pay off the debt in full.

He denied using the machete to threaten Mr Cook and said it had remained in his rucksack throughout and the victim must have seen it when he opened the bag to take out tobacco.

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Government promises and the next bank crisis: Bloomberg opinion

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

By Leonid Bershidsky

Austrias government recently shed responsibility for 10.2 billion euros ($10.8 billion) of guarantees that the region of Carinthia had given to Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, so its no surprise such contingent liabilities are coming to be seen as the source of a potential banking crisis.

Governments loved creating these liabilities after the global financial meltdown of 2008. They appeared to cost nothing, while creating real value for banks. As usual, though, it turns out theres no such thing as a free lunch and the cost of such deals is beginning to emerge.

The best description I have read of this post-Lehman Brothers phenomenon comes from none other than Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek economist who has since become finance minister in that countrys radical Syriza-led government. According to Varoufakis:

Bank X would lend money to. itself. It would do this by issuing a bond which it did not intend to sell. So, why issue such a phantom bond? Why write an IOU and give it to ones self? The answer is: In order to hand this phantom bond over to the European Central Bank as collateral in exchange for a cash loan. Normally, of course, the ECB would never accept such a phantom bond as collateral. Accepting it would have been to accept a loan it gave to Bank X as collateral for the said loan. It would have been an assault on the meaning of collateral and a gross violation of the ECBs rulebook.

So, bank X, knowing this, took its phantom bond first to the Greek government and had it guarantee it. With the governments guarantee stamped on it, the ECB then accepted Bank Xs phantom bond and handed over the cash. Why? Because the Greek taxpayer had, in the meantime, unknowingly provided the collateral for Bank Xs loan.

The stamp, according to a study commissioned by the European Union in 2011, shaved about 30 basis points off the yields on bank bonds once issued to real creditors on the open market. So governments were creating money with a stroke of a pen. In Europe, central and local governments alike made the most of their ability to do so, because there was no immediate downside: contingent liabilities werent counted as part of public debt, or even reported to the public in a systematic way.

Varoufakis worried that taxpayers were never asked about such invisible bailouts taking place throughout Europe, an issue of transparency and democratic accountability. The governments ability to cover the guarantees is, however, probably a bigger issue for financial stability. This ability cannot even be properly assessed now.

Last month, the EUs statistics agency Eurostat made public its first ever release on European governments contingent liabilities, setting their total amount at 1.28 trillion euros. A lot of that money is the debt of government-owned companies and banks, which is a separate issue from guarantees and, right now, less of a danger. For example, deposits in German government-controlled banks are included in the total, and these arent really a burden on the German government. The part of the disclosure that deals with guarantees is more worrying.

The data are only for 2013, and notes at the bottom show they are woefully underreported. For Greece and Ireland, for example, there is no information on guarantees issued to public corporations by regional governments. France, Slovenia and Finland submitted no information at all on guarantees issued by regional governments. That means these countries either do not have, or are unwilling to share, information on the financial doings of their own Carinthias.

Even incomplete, the data are alarming. With government guarantees (not counting deposit insurance schemes) added in, Austrias debt burden would increase to 109.5 percent of gross domestic product from 74.5 percent; Finlands to 83.3 percent from 59.3 percent; and Germanys to 96.1 percent from 76.9 percent. In other words, the euro areas most fiscally responsible governments would find themselves with debt-to-gross domestic product ratios on a par with those on the profligate European periphery.

Outside the euro area, these guarantees wouldnt present as great a problem. In the worst case scenario, countries not subject to the constraints of monetary union could print money to cover their guarantees. Euro zone members are deprived of that ability. They are especially vulnerable to what Imperial College Business School professor Franklin Allen and his co- authors described in a recent paper as a feedback loop between governments and banks:

When the government has limited resources, the extension of the support that the government offers to banks tightens the governments budget. This, in turn, affects the effectiveness of the guarantees since, as the situation of the government deteriorates, the beneficiaries of the guarantees start to wonder about the ability of the government to honour its promises. Thus, the credibility of the guarantees decreases and they are no longer effective in preventing crises. As a consequence, the instability in the financial sector further increases, thus magnifying the costs of the intervention.

This could happen in any country where one or two banks that benefited from government guarantees were suddenly revealed to have been too risk-prone, as Hypo Alpe Adria was. Various studies, both European and US-based, have shown that banks that benefit from government aid, such as guarantees, tend to make riskier loans and invest more adventurously than financial institutions that are denied such help. That means the Austrian bank is unlikely to be the last one to collapse and strain a governments ability to cover its obligations.

The Austrian case is already causing a reassessment of the value of European government guarantees. Another such bank collapse could cause a continent-wide panic. Europe must work out a mechanism for properly recording all the guarantees that are issued and establish national and regional ceilings for this type of liability, as well as an emergency mechanism for occasions when a government is unable to cover its obligations. And that might include recourse to the ECB, as a last-ditch savior.

— Leonid Bershidsky, a Bloomberg View contributor, is a Berlin-based writer.

(c) 2015, Bloomberg News.

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Kansas Man Pleads No Contest In 2 Armed Robberies

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

TOPEKA- A Topeka man pleaded no contest Monday to federal armed robbery charges according to US Attorney Barry Grissom said.

Henry Earl Sirvira, 46, Topeka, Kan., entered a plea of nolo contendere to two counts of commercial robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm during a robbery. During the plea hearing, prosecutors told the judge that on July 29, 2013, Sirvira and co-defendant Quartez Norwood robbed the EZ Payday Advance at 2613 SW 21st Street in Topeka. Sirvira pointed a handgun at an employee and threatened to kill him unless he opened the safe.

On Aug. 3, 2013, Sirvira and Norwood robbed the Family Dollar Store at 2616 SE 6th Street in Topeka. Norwood pointed a gun at the clerk while Sirvira assaulted a patron in another part of the store.

Sentencing is set for June 1. Both parties have agreed to recommend a sentence of 11 years in federal prison.

Co-defendants include:

Quartez Norwood, who was sentenced to 180 months.

Henry Lavelle Davis, who was sentenced to 84 months.

Robert Wayne Redmond, who was sentenced to 60 months.

Xavier Leron Sims, who was sentenced to 35 months.

Grissom commended the Topeka Police Department, the FBI and Assistant US Attorney Jared Maag for their work on the case.

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Friday, March 27th, 2015

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Suspect in police chase had child in car

Friday, March 27th, 2015

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A man who led police on a chase down Preston Highway Wednesday was arrested and accused of endangering numerous people, including the woman and child who were in the car with him.

Police say Tyrone Payton, 19, robbed Cash Tyme, a payday advance lender at 5618 Preston Highway, on Tuesday. His vehicle was recorded on surveillance footage.

The next day, officers spotted the vehicle at an extended stay hotel on Preston Highway. Police conducted surveillance of the area and saw Payton, a woman and a child get into the vehicle and drive to a nearby Circle K gas station.

[SLIDESHOW: Mugshot Roundup – March 2015]

Police attempted to stop the vehicle in the parking lot, but Payton rammed a detectives vehicle and fled, according to an arrest report.

Payton hit several other vehicles as he sped north on Preston Highway, police say, endangering the lives of officers and bystanders. He was eventually stopped and captured at Linwood Avenue around 1 pm Wednesday.

Police say Payton caused more than $1000 in damage to other vehicles. During the chase, Payton, a previously convicted felon, allegedly threw a loaded semi-automatic pistol out the window.

Payton was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on numerous charges including robbery, wanton endangerment of a police officer and fleeing police.

Copyright 2015 WAVE 3 News. All rights reserved.

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Already a winner: Burns can freewheel it at Valero

Friday, March 27th, 2015

SAN ANTONIO – The magical question. Every radio interview Ive done, every avid golfer Ive run into the past few weeks – they all want to know one thing.

How will Sam do?

Even prior to Thursdays start of the Valero Texas Open I can answer that question.

Sam Burns is going to win.

Shreveports 18-year-old senior at Calvary Baptist Academy has already done the hard part – hes qualified for a PGA Tour event. This week is about the experience. Settling into the environment, becoming comfortable with the electricity and walking shoulder to shoulder with your heroes.

Forget Ricky Bobby. This week at TPC San Antonio isnt about: If you aint first, youre last.

Now, will Burns play well? Thats a completely different question; one tough to quantify.

What would be considered a success? Making the cut? A top-10 finish? Not throwing up on the first tee?

Burns has the game to play four days here. He has the game to appear on the leaderboard. Of course, so do 150 other guys here this week.

Tiger Woods misses cuts. So do David Toms and Rory McIlroy.

The expectation should be not to have an expectation. So far, Burns, who is scheduled to tee off the first hole at 9:20 am on Thursday, has done an incredible job downplaying the potential results.

Thursday, hell get up, have breakfast with the family and chug a chocolate milk – just like he would before any event.

I just want to go out and have a good time, Burns said on Wednesdays special edition of the Fletch and Roy Show at Not a lot of 18-year-olds get this opportunity. Hopefully Ill play in a lot more of these.

However, Burns is driven by goals. He made a list for 2014 and scratched off every item except a spot in the US Open. There is a benchmark set for this week.

There is (a goal), Burns said with a big smile. Its something Im going to keep personal.

Woods, Phil Mickelson, Hal Sutton and Dustin Johnson – PGA Tour stars past and present – all missed the cut in their first Tour event.

Toms finished 65th at the Hardees Classic.

Its tough out here.

However, success can be had at a young age. Texas 21-year-old phenom Jordan Spieth contended for a victory at the Byron Nelson as a 16-year-old and finished 16th.

Seeing the grandstands, the scoreboards, it was just so different than anything I had experienced, Jordan Spieth, the sixth-ranked golfer in the world, said regarding that week in Dallas in 2010.

But even though hes just five years younger, Burns is part of a generation unfazed by a lot of whats out here. Major junior tournament are run just like Tour events.

Nowadays, tournaments like the Junior PGA Championship (the event Burns won to qualify for this week) are better preparing high-school aged kids for even the PGA Tour and competing already, Spieth said. You see a lot of kids with these exemptions come out and make an impact right away. That has to do with great competition and the way those tournaments are run now.

The forecast shows possible wind speeds of 30 miles per hour Thursday. After a nine-hole practice round with Burns on Tuesday, Spieth believes the weather could be to Burns advantage.

His ball flight works well for it – being able to hold (the ball) up in the wind both (left and right), Spieth said. Im looking forward to watching how he plays out here this week and his career before he gets out here.

A Spieth-like debut wouldnt surprise Toms, who has served as a mentor as well as a playing and practice partner back home. The former LSU golfer knows what it takes to win — hes done it 13 times, including his 2001 victory at the PGA Championship.

Hell be successful, whether its (this week) or three or four years down the road, Toms said. Hes way beyond where I was at that age; way past a lot of people that have come before him. He is as good as anyone I play golf with on a regular basis.

Victory is already in hand for Burns. He has the respect – on and off the golf course – of an accomplished and well-respected veteran like Toms, and his game has already impressed Spieth, the new generations star.

Burns also has a second PGA Tour exemption in his back pocket — he will play the FedEx St. Jude near Memphis in June. That could help calm the nerves.

This week is about the experience; success isnt predicated on a score. Now, moving forward, that wont be the case. Playing the PGA Tour is strictly a results-driven lifestyle. A birdie could make you a millionaire while a bogey could force another cash advance on the credit card.

Burns isnt playing for a dime this week. The pressure, while it may be tough to explain to an 18 year old, doesnt compare to grinding for your livelihood every week. This is about setting the stage for being able to handle a time when results are the difference makers.

However, this is no walk in the park. It shouldnt be; not if he wants to be the best player in the world. Burns wants to play well and believes he will play well despite competing against names that have previously been larger than life.

Thats the great thing about golf; those guys cant play defense, Burns coach Brad Pullin said.

Burns will never make another PGA Tour debut. The time is now.

Enjoy the ride, kid.

Twitter: @RoyLangIII


A look at how the stars of the PGA Tour fared in their first starts:

Player Tournament Age Finish

Tiger Woods 1992 LA Open 16 CUT

Jordan Spieth 2010 Byron Nelson 16 T16

Phil Mickelson 1988 Andy Williams 17 CUT

David Toms 1989 Hardees Classic 22 T65

Hal Sutton 1980 US Open 22 CUT

Dustin Johnson 2007 Texas Open 23 CUT

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