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Saturday, May 31st, 2014

(PRWEB) May 09, 2014

The 10 top merchant cash advance services in Canada have been named by for the month of May 2014. Each month the independent analysis team spends time testing and reporting the top merchant cash advance services around the world to assist businesses in selecting the best firm to meet their specific needs. The primary goal of is to assist clients of payment processing services in looking for effective services based on established standards created by researchers and industry analysts. The resulting standards are used to determine which solutions produce the best experience for clients with updates on a monthly basis.

Each month the top merchant cash advance agencies in Canada are put through an in-depth evaluation process in order to determine which agencies produce the best services overall. The process involves an in-depth analysis of top performing companies in areas including competitive rates, efficiency, availability, reliability, and customer support. Client evaluations of competing merchant cash advance agencies are contacted in order to obtain their unique inputs and suggestions on the agencies they have used.

The 10 best merchant cash advance firms in Canada for May 2014 are:

1) Synergy Merchant Services Inc

2) Merchant Advance Capital Ltd.

3) National Debit Card network

4) Canaidan Capitl Advance

5) Mercantile Advance

6) BC Capital, Inc.

7) Securus Payments

8) Advanceit Financial Corporation

9) Merchant Fast Cash

10) Canadian Payments Services

About is a well-known independent authority on merchant services in Canada. The main objective of is to decide and disclose those individuals or agencies offering the top credit card processing solutions all over the world. A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are seeking to be ranked as a top credit card processing product or service by the independent authority.

For the ratings of the best merchant cash advance agencies visit:

Merchant cash advance services interested in being evaluated can visit:

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Car Title Loan Company Opens Location in Benton, IL

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Residents in the Greater Benton Area can now visit a car title loan store. More information about TitleMax can be found at

Benton, IL (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

TitleMax, one of the nation’s largest and most reputable title lending companies, opened its first location in Benton, IL. The new location, along with TitleMax stores across the country, will offer individuals with little, no, or even bad credit the opportunity to get a cash loan based on collateral, not credit history.

The new store is located at 1002 W. Main Street, Benton, IL 62812. Store hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm The store can be reached by calling (618) 435-4930.

“The TitleMax team is proud to serve the community of Benton, IL,” said Otto Bielss, Senior Vice President of Operations for TMX Finance. “A car title loan with TitleMax is a great way for credit-challenged individuals to obtain the short-term cash they need.”

About Car Title Loans

A car title loan is a fast way for credit-challenged individuals to obtain the short-term cash they need. To secure a car title loan with TitleMax in the state of Illinois, an individual must have a clear, or lien-free, car title, a government-issued ID and proof of income. With these items an individual can obtain a loan up to $4,000 while still maintaining the use of their vehicle. No insurance is required, there are no credit checks and most loans can be processed in as little as 30 minutes.

There are 80 TitleMax stores in the state of Illinois. To find a TitleMax near you click Title Loan Stores.

About TitleMax

TitleMax, a subsidiary of TMX Finance, provides financial products to people without access to traditional credit alternatives. TitleMax has been a trusted consumer lender for over 14 years, helping hundreds of thousands of people in getting cash when they need it. Since its inception in 1998, TitleMax has grown to over 1,300 stores, spanning 16 states and provides car title loans to over 2,500 people each day.

Please visit for more information on car title loans and how TitleMax can be of service.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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Just Approved: Refinance brings stronger loan, cash to pay off debt

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Mortgage broker: Shawn Sidhu

Property type: Single-family in San Jose

Property value: $670,000

Loan amount: $395,800

Loan type: Cash-out refinance

Terms: 30-year fixed

Rate: 4.5 percent with lender paying for the closing costs

Sidhus clients wanted to refinance their home to consolidate some debt and make improvements to the residence. The equity of their home has steadily increased since 2012, when they previously refinanced.

The couple considered a home equity line of credit, but found the variable interest rate that comes with it unappealing. Their son just started college, so they plan on downsizing within seven to 10 years, Sidhu said, and they wanted something that would provide stability.

Because their home is appraised at a higher value than it was even several years ago and their credit scores was at least 720, the couple was able to receive a favorable interest rate, he said.

They paid down some credit card debt, installed a new floor and used the rest of the money to help with tuition costs.

Cash-out refinance for debt consolidation and home improvement work was made possible by the increased equity in their home compared to 2012.

Many people are looking to refinance at this time, Sidhu said, because interest rates are steadily ticking upwards. They arent as high as they were pre-crash, but they are the highest theyve been during the recovery. However, they are still below average, making it a favorable time to consider such a strategy, he said.

The benefit to this type of refinance is that it can be done again and again as long as there is improvement in the real estate market, and it provides a stable interest rate, he said.

Shawn Sidhu, C2 Financial Corporation, (800) 984-0866,

Just Approved yourself? Send your story to

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8 Credit Cards Mistakes Everyone Makes

Friday, May 30th, 2014

With billions of credit cards being used every day, its no surprise that there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to credit. Below are the eight most common credit card mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Maxing out credit cards: Although there are circumstances when you may need to put a hefty amount on your credit card, its ideal to never max out your credit cards. On top of possibly going over the credit limit with interest or accidental charges, maxed out credit cards can also have a negative impact on your credit utilization ratio, a percentage used by lenders to determine how risky it is to loan you money. Its calculated by dividing your total used credit by your total available credit to determine a percentage. Its better to have a lower percentage — between 10 and 30 percent — because it shows you have more available credit and less money owed.

2. Only paying the minimum payment: This may seem like the easiest way to pay down a balance, however only paying the minimum payment isnt the most beneficial way to pay. Along with hurting your credit utilization ratio by carrying more debt, youll end up paying more money in interest in the long run. Even just paying an additional $20 each month will help you pay down the balance quicker and save you money overtime.

3. Closing old credit cards: A lot of times consumers get overwhelmed with the number of credit cards they acquire, so theyll cancel any old cards they have. Even though this sounds like the best plan to manage your cards, closing old credit cards can actually hurt you by lowering your credit score. Fifteen percent of your FICO credit score is based on your credit history, according to FICO, so by canceling any credit cards that were opened 5, 10 or 15 years ago, youre potentially deleting that history from your reports and potentially impacting your credit scores. It also lowers your overall credit limit, which can increase your credit utilization ratio. Instead of closing the cards, you should store them in secure place, such as a personal safe, and only use them when you need to.

4. Applying for multiple credit cards: Opening new lines of credit is one of the many ways to boost your credit scores, mostly because it lowers your credit utilization ratio. Even so, applying for multiple credit cards at once may have the opposite effect on your credit scores by making you seem desperate for credit. Every time you apply for a new line of credit, such as a credit card or loan, the lender pulls a copy of your credit reports and scores, which is called a hard inquiry. These inquiries appear on your credit reports and can even lower your credit scores if you have too many of them at one time. So if youre planning on applying for any type of credit card, its essential that you only apply to one card at a time and choose a card that youre almost certain that youll get approved for.

5. Not knowing when the introductory period ends: Credit cards with introductory periods, such as a 0 percent APR offer, are great options to help you maintain any previous balances, through a balance transfer, and can even help out if you need some financial assistance with a large purchase in the near future. That being said, its essential that you know and keep track of when the cards introductory period ends, or you may be paying more in interest or fees that you werent anticipating.

6. Taking cash advances: There are instances when you may be in need of some cold, hard cash, and taking a cash advance from your credit card may seem like the best option. Its not. Cash advances charge additional fees including a transaction fee that youre charged every time you get a cash advance. You are also charged a higher APR than on other purchases. Cash advances also dont have a grace period for interest such as traditional purchases do, so you begin to get charged interest the day that you withdraw the money. Its best if you find another solution to get the cash, pay with credit if you can or make sure you pay off the cash advance as soon as possible so you dont have to pay a lot of money in additional fees and interest.

7. Not reading the fine print: Every credit card has some sort of fine print to explain the logistics of the card. Often times this fine print is overlooked by the card holder, which isnt the best idea because that fine print explains all of the details for a card, including what your APR is, what fees come with certain transactions and any rules that dictate how the credit lender can change the terms of your agreement. The fine print is considered the legal agreement between the cardholder and lender, and reading it thoroughly can help the cardholder understand every aspect of their card so there are no surprises down the road.

8. Ignoring monthly credit card statements: This is a habit that a lot of card holders have gotten used to. They receive the statement and just throw it out instead of reading it. Its essential for you to comb through your monthly statement to verify that there are no possible fraudulent charges on the account. If you notice any unfamiliar charges, you should contact your bank immediately and report it as fraud. By simply looking through your statement each month youre being proactive about protecting yourself from identity theft, and more likely to catch potential fraud before it gets out of hand.

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Military preparedness meets its match: Finances

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Leyes said the new regulations have arguably moved payday loans down the list of predatory financial schemes.

Its probably not No. 1 anymore, but it is an issue because, at the end of the day, it is a very expensive form of borrowing, he said.

A type of scam every military family is susceptible to–and which is becoming more pervasive–is the signing away of military pensions.

Weve seen more of the pension schemes in the past few years, Leyes said. These predatory companies offer a cash advance against a pension balance.

Read MoreFinancially savvy widows can lead a new life

Petraeus said the pension schemes are not new.

I remember a big uproar in the early 2000s when the Military Times used to run ads for companies saying, We will buy your pension. It still happens, she said. Its usually pennies on the dollar.

It will continue to be a big issue for military families as service people retire in greater numbers in the years ahead.

Even though a military pension cannot have its benefits assigned to a third-party, these schemes work by offering a cash advance to the pension holder, who has to create a separate bank account into which future pension benefits must be deposited. The perpetrators of the scam can take money out of that separate bank account.

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Erin United Methodist raises $2000 for Meals on Wheels

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

When approached by the local Meals on Wheel organization for a donation, Erin United Methodist Church took the opportunity to assist those in need in an entirely different manner.

The question was raised, why not expand the request and assist as many as possible in the community?

The local Meals on Wheels organizations currently serves many of our local shut-ins within the county with a hot, balanced meal five days a week. The cost of this program is nearly $875 per person for the year.

Without this program, many of our citizens would go hungry and not have the social interaction necessary provided by this organization.

In stepping to the plate to support the program, the entire church came together behind the idea of a fish fry and silent auction to benefit the program. With hard work and dedication to the idea of continuing to support those in need in this area, the EUMC raised $2,000 for the Meals on Wheels program.

Several in the organization were taken back that a church or organization would take the effort to support this need.

Aside from those who participated in the fish fry and silent auction, many businesses and citizens donated either products or cash to support this outstanding organization.

They include Accents by Bonnie, Ace Hardware and NAPA, Donna Carson, Paul’s Pizza Palace, Clark’s Barber Shop, Mazatlan Restaurant, Fitz’s Restaurant, PaPa’s Old Fashioned BBQ, Subway, Janet and Jeff Shellabarger, Carhartt, Heritage Bank, Cleghern’s Piggly Wiggly, The Corner Buffet and Grill, Strong Tower Fitness, Traditions Bank, Simply Shelli’s Therapeutic Touch, Clysta’s Community Cash Advance, DC Auto Parts, Hollywood Hair Studio, Yards and Yarns, The Ridge Restaurant, Pit Stop Pizza, Family Hair Care, Price Florist, Mitchum’s Drug Store, Houston County Animal Clinic and Regions Bank.

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Title Loan Company Continues to Grow Throughout New Mexico

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) May 24, 2014

TitleMax, one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing car title loan companies, is continuing to grow throughout the Western region of the United States including new store locations in Albuquerque, NM. Since opening its first store in New Mexico, July 2013, TitleMax has opened seven additional locations throughout the Greater Albuquerque-Santa Fe Area including the following cities: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Clovis, and Los Lunas. Residents throughout these areas can visit these locations for all of their car title loan needs. To find a TitleMax closest to you, click Title Loans Stores.

TitleMax offers individuals with little, no, or even bad credit the opportunity to get a cash loan up to $10,000 based on collateral, not credit history. Store hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

“TitleMax offers quick, cash title loans while providing superior customer service,” said Otto Bielss, Senior Vice President of Operations for TMX Finance. “TitleMax does not check your credit so it doesn’t matter if you have good, bad, or no credit. You can still be approved for a title loan as long as you have a clear car title.”

About Car Title Loans

A car title loan is a fast way for credit-challenged individuals to secure the short-term cash they need. To get a TitleMax car title loan in New Mexico, an individual must have a clear, or lien-free, car title and a government-issued ID. With these items, an individual can obtain a loan up to $10,000, while still maintaining the use of their vehicle. No insurance is required, there are no credit checks, and most loans can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

About TitleMax

TitleMax, a subsidiary of TMX Finance, provides financial products to people without access to traditional credit alternatives. TitleMax has been a trusted consumer lender for over 14 years, helping hundreds of thousands of people in getting cash when they need it. Since its inception in 1998, TitleMax has grown to over 1,350 stores, spanning 16 states and provides car title loans to over 2,500 people each day.

Please visit for more information on car title loans and how TitleMax can be of service.

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The Ugly Truth About Payday, Pawn Shop and Car Title Loans

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Paul Beaty/AP

By Jenna Lee

People in financial trouble may take on payday, pawn shop and car title loans loans to tide them over until theyre financially stable. But these seemingly innocent loans often cause them to end up in worse shape than when they started.

On the outside, they just look like convenient ways for people with subprime credit to borrow money. However, theres no such thing as easy money. Read on to learn the truth about these three risky loans, and find some alternatives you should consider instead.

Payday Loans

How they work: The payday loan process usually begins with you writing a post-dated check for the loan amount plus interest and fees. When the loan is due, the lender collects the balance unless you choose to roll the loan over (in exchange for more fees, of course).

Why theyre dangerous: These loans boast notoriously high interest rates that make it almost impossible for borrowers to pay off their balance on time. Even if they pay a small amount each payday, this often just covers the interest and fees, leaving the balance intact. Richard Cordray, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director, said in a statement last year that payday loans are long-term, expensive debt burdens: For too many consumers, payday and deposit advance loans are debt traps that cause them to be living their lives off money borrowed at huge interest rates. It should come as no surprise that payday loan borrowers often find themselves needing to roll over or take on new loans, trapped in a vicious cycle of debt.

Pawn Shop Loans

How they work: Pawn shop loans typically involve you giving the pawn shop an item that you own (like a television, piece of jewelry or computer) as collateral, and the pawn shop lends you a percentage of the items value.

Why theyre dangerous: These loans are short-term and typically have very high interest rates and a variety of fees. If at the end of the loan period you cant afford to pay the balance plus interest and fees, the pawn shop may keep your item and sell it.

Car Title Loans

How they work: Like pawn shop loans, car title loans use one of your possessions (in this case, your automobile) as collateral to secure a short-term loan for a fraction of what your car is worth – provided that you own the car free and clear. Just sign over the title of your car, and hand over a set of keys.

Why theyre dangerous: As with payday and pawn shop loans, these secured loans typically come with very high (often triple-digit) interest rates and loads of hidden costs, from storage fees to repossession fees. This brings up another huge red flag if you miss just one payment, fail to pay the fees or arent able to pay the interest accrued on the loan by the end of the term, your car could be sold or repossessed. Also, since title loans are often only 30 days long, borrowers only have a short amount of time to pay the principal, interest and fees. Since they usually arent able to pay everything back when its due, they often renew the loan and the nightmare begins all over again.

How Do These Loans Affect My Finances?

The most redeeming qualities about secured loans are that lenders typically wont check your credit, and the loans arent reported to the credit bureaus. But while youre frantically trying to gather enough money to pay off those loans, you may neglect paying off things that do affect your credit. So while they may not directly affect your score, know that secured loans can still cause trouble for your credit health.


Even if youre strapped for cash, you dont need to agree to ridiculously high interest rates. Instead of taking on risky loans, consider these other options:

  • Short-term loans: Small banks or credit unions may offer you loans with better rates and repayment terms.
  • Asking for an extension: If you call your creditors before you miss a payment, they may be willing to give you a due-date extension or work out a payment plan.
  • Borrowing from loved ones: It may be uncomfortable, but asking friends or family for a loan could still be a better alternative than secured loans. Just be sure to pay them back – you dont want to burn bridges.
  • Payday advances: If you have a benevolent employer, try asking for a payday advance. Since its your money, not a loan, youll save money on interest.
  • Emergency assistance programs: You may find emergency assistance from community organizations or social services programs. In many areas, a call to 211 will connect you to help.
  • Cash advances on credit cards: While not ideal, the 25 to 30 percent in interest you may be charged for a cash advance is certainly better than triple-digit interest via the loans covered earlier.

Final Thoughts

Personal finance experts always recommend building up an emergency fund so you can avoid dangerous situations that are hard to escape. If youre not desperate for money yet, dont wait until an emergency strikes. Avoid living paycheck to paycheck at all costs, even if you have to trim your spending and live less comfortably.

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Harare Town Clerk Spent Chinese Loan Cash On Posh Cars

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

HARARE mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has launched an investigation into allegations his town clerk used part of a Chinese loan meant for water projects to buy 26 luxury vehicles without authorisation from city fathers.

Manyenyeni early this year suspended the own Clerk, Tendai Mahachi, but the move was blocked by local government minister Ignatius Chombo.

The mayor announced the probe during Thursdays council meeting after it emerged that the local authority has used $8 million of the $144 million loan facility from China.

The loan was meant for a water distribution rehabilitation project currently underway at Morton Jaffrey water works.

During Thursdays meeting, councillors accused Mahachi of having a hidden motive by not disclosing the expenditure.

They went on to demand a detailed report on how much of the loan has been used and how many vehicles were procured without the knowledge of the city fathers.

Deputy mayor Thomas Muzuwa demanded a breakdown of how the loan has been used, suggesting that there could have been misappropriation of funds.

Maybe we are just relaxed when there is no longer a single cent remaining under the deal. Why should we be kept in the dark when such things happen? Muzuwa asked forcing Manyenyeni to call for a probe.

When we procure anything in council it has to be brought in light because residents money will be used.

It surprising to see new vehicles lining up in the car park while others are already in the field without us as councillors being informed; we demand to know how things are now being run in this council, he said.

Muzuwa said they were informed that 26 top of the range vehicles were bought, but Harare water Director, Christopher Zvogbo who was representing the town clerk said he was aware of only 13 vehicles and also acknowledged that $8 million was used.

When he appeared before a Parliamentary probe recently, Manyenyeni told legislators that the loan deal was shrouded in a lot of controversy with the equipment and material procured using the funds over priced by double their value.

On the issue of the Chinese project, we are seized with understanding how the costing was arrived at, Manyenyeni said then.

The costs are definitely questionable. In a number of areas some have been itemised and some have not been itemised, Manyenyeni said.

Mahachi did not attend the meeting to defend himself, a move that some councillors said he might be hiding something by absenting without a reason.

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The Truth About Payday, Pawnshop and Car Title Loans

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

The Truth About Payday, Pawnshop and Car Title Loans
They may put you in worse financial shape than when you started.

Borrowing from a loved one or seeking a cash advance may be a smarter move than turning to payday, pawnshop or car title loans when youre in a pinch.

Specialized concerns can certainly show up that are able to provoke difficulties for many individuals whilst in acute intervals. Finding the latest crucial Quick Cash Advance Loans is usually a wise course of