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Clerk Refuses to Give Money to Robber Clad as Cowboy

Monday, March 31st, 2014

TWIN FALLS – A man suspected of robbing a Twin Falls cash advance store has been arrested. Read more

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Police Log: Missing Xanax, DUIs, Fraudulent Speedy Cash Loan

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Police Log: Missing Xanax, DUIs, Fraudulent Speedy Cash Loan

The following arrests and incidents were reported by North Kingstown Police. They do not indicate a conviction.

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Motive sought in Stockton stabbing

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

DETECTIVES are investigating whether a stabbing which has left one elderly man in intensive care and another facing a serious criminal charge was the result of bad blood over a small cash loan.

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Former Paterson mayor’s refund check doesn’t quite measure up

Sunday, March 30th, 2014


PATERSON – Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres brought a $2,238 check to City Hall on Thursday to repay Paterson for money that he says was erroneously given to him back in 2009.

But it turns out the former mayor was shortchanging the city.

After Paterson Press asked him on Friday why he wasn’t refunding the full $3,169 he received when he cashed in 10 unused vacation days in 2009, Torres did some more research.

“You were right,” the former mayor said when he called back a reporter. Next week, Torres said, he would repay the balance.

Torres said he had based the original repayment on an entry from his personal bank records that showed a $2,238 direct deposit. But after Paterson Press pointed out to him that his net earnings had been $3,169, Torres called the finance staff at City Hall.

The former mayor said he then learned that the city had made a $650 contribution to the state credit union from that $3,169 payment and also allocated money to cover his insurance and pension.

That represents the second misunderstanding Torres had with the payment in question.

Last month, when Paterson Press first learned of the $3,169 check issued outside the city’s regular payroll process, Torres said it simply was a cash advance for upcoming vacation days.

But weeks later, Torres said he realized that the city payroll staff had still sent him his regular check in 2009 in the next pay cycle. Torres said last week that he had not intended to get paid both the cash advance money as well as the regular check, and would return the money.

Torres isn’t alone. Mayor Jeffery Jones also has acknowledged that he took $17,000 for unused vacation and sick days in 2011 and 2012. Jones says he is repaying the city.

But Torres, meanwhile, has said he doesn’t plan to repay Paterson for the $74,000 he got for accrued vacation and sick days when he left office in 2010 unless the state or Passaic County prosecutor determine there was wrongdoing.

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What You Need to Know About Square’s Cash Advance Program

Friday, March 28th, 2014

What You Need to Know About Squares Cash Advance Program

BY Abigail Tracy

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014 Acknowledges Micamp Merchant Solutions as the Best Merchant Cash Advance Consultant for the Month of March 2014
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DaVinci said "Numbers make the world go round!"

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

There is a simple concept..The 72 rule where you divide into 72 your average compounded annual return and that is the number of years it takes to double your money.


This time of the year, If you own stock you can simply sell a Jan 2014 covered call, the option to another to claim your stock at a specific strike price for a premium determined on how volitile the stock trading pattern is…99% of the time this premium is 10 – 15%. So your giveaway is that strike price + premium. Until this trade is closed this sale of a covered call is a tax deferred, cash loan.

Until the stock is claimed  you the shareholder pocket the companys quarterly dividends. 

Negatives? You can loose on potenial upside and the stock is locked up until you close out sale of call. 

First play this on a piece of paper until you understand it….


I often ask, If you did not have a 15% return last year then why not?

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CEEC loan beneficiaries besiege bank demanding to be paid cash

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

A group of beneficiaries of the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) loan scheme besieged the Zambia National Credit and Savings Bank (NATSAVE) in Nchelenge this morning demanding to be paid cash.

ZANIS reports from Nchelenge that the beneficiaries wondered why the contractor in the fish farming project allocated to the district has been given a permanent position in the project.

The development follows the approval and partial release of over three million kwacha by government through the CEEC for poverty reduction programmes in Nchelenge district.

The CEEC has revised the loan disbursement conditions in which funds will only be paid directly to a contractor or supplier of a project and not the loan applicants to avoid abuse of the funds as experienced previously.

Nchelenge District Administrative Officer Gift Hajongola confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Nchelenge today.

Mr Hajongola said the PF government is committed to fighting poverty especially among the rural people.

He said over K641,000.00 of the funds has since been credited to seven beneficiary accounts.

He disclosed that the CEEC has devised a standard implementation plan where the bank will only pay the money to the contractor or the supplier upon certification for the service by the fisheries authorities.

Mr Hajongola said he was aware that some beneficiary groups are demanding for cash and were planning to confront the bank manager at the Zambia National Credit and Savings Bank (NATSAVE) over releasing the funds.

He observed that people would deliberately want to abrogate the financial management regulations that govern the disbursement of funds in order to access cash but advised them to heed expert advice.

The DAO said the government is very serious about poverty reduction and will not condone individuals who are bent on frustrating its efforts aimed at improving the lives of the masses that were currently wallowing in poverty.

He said the bank has just been entrusted with the task of ensuring that the money is used for the intended purpose adding that if people were aggrieved the government was there to address their concerns.

He further said the CEEC has put some monitoring measures in place to avoid misappropriation and pilferage of the resources as was the case during the MMD regime.

Mr. Hajongola said the money will only be paid to activities to avoid abuse and warned that those who will not comply will not access that the money.

Meanwhile, Nchelenge NATSAVE Branch manager Elvis Chimbinga explained that none of the beneficiary farmers will have direct access to the money to avoid abuse.

Mr. Chimbinga said the money will only be paid direct to the contractor or supplier and urged the farmers to understand the implementation measures that have been put in place or risk losing out completely.

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Police searching for cash advance armed robbery suspect

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Law enforcement is searching the area for a man who reportedly robbed the Approved Cash Advance store on York Street in the Reids shopping center in Aiken.

The incident happened around 10 am The suspect did have a handgun and left through the back of the business after taking an undisclosed amount of money, according to Aiken Public Safety spokesman Capt. Martin Sawyer. The suspect is described as a black male wearing all black clothing and a camo scarf across his face.

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New Business Cash Advance Resources Now Available to Small Companies …

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

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