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Gunman sought in armed robbery of cash-advance business near New Castle

Friday, February 28th, 2014

A gunman robbed a cash-advance business Wednesday near New Castle, state police said. / Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Title Loan Company Begins Northern Expansion

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

TitleMax, the nation’s largest and most reputable car title loan company, began expanding its store footprint northward with the opening of its first Delaware location this past week. The new store is located at 3401 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808 and can be reached by calling (302) 993-7945. Since opening its original store in Columbus, GA in 1998, TitleMax has opened more than 1,350 locations throughout 15 states across the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, West, and Northeast. TitleMax car title loan and title pawn stores can be found in the following states: AL, AZ, CA, DE, GA, IL, MS, MO, NV, NM, SC, TN, TX, UT, and VA. Residents throughout these states can visit any TitleMax location for all of their car title loan needs. To find a TitleMax closest to you, click Title Loans Stores.

TitleMax offers individuals with little, no, or even bad credit the opportunity to get a cash loan up to $10,000 based on collateral, not credit history. In most states, store hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

“TitleMax is ready to serve the residents of Delaware,” said Otto Bielss, Senior Vice President of Operations for TMX Finance. “A car title loan with TitleMax is an excellent way to obtain the cash you need without affecting your credit score. In fact, we do not even consider your credit history in the approval process so come get a title loan with us the next time you’re in need of cash.”

About Car Title Loans

A car title loan is a fast way for credit-challenged individuals to secure the short-term cash they need. To get a TitleMax car title loan in Delaware, an individual must have a clear, or lien-free, car title and a government-issued ID. With these items an individual can obtain a car title loan (or title pawn) up to $10,000, while still maintaining the use of their vehicle. No insurance is required, there are no credit checks and most loans can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

About TitleMax

TitleMax, a subsidiary of TMX Finance, provides financial products to people without access to traditional credit alternatives. TitleMax has been a trusted consumer lender for over 16 years, helping hundreds of thousands of people in getting cash when they need it. Since its inception in 1998, TitleMax has grown to over 1,350 stores, spanning 15 states and provides car title loans to over 2,500 people each day.

Visit for more information on car title loans and how TitleMax can be of service.

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Leeds arts hub on former Tetley site gets £190k ‘cash advance’ from council

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

A FLAGSHIP arts centre that is seen as a catalyst for major regeneration in the so-called South Bank of Leeds has been given an effective 10-year advance on its council grant funding to help complete its vision.

Project Space Leeds, which has developed The Tetley, a visual arts hub on the Tetley Carlsberg site, is to receive £190,000 to create specialist learning spaces within the building.

The centre has signed a 10-year lease with Carlsberg UK, the owners of the site, who have already contributed almost £1m for the refurbishment of the building. However with further capital costs of almost £600,000, the organisation needed to plug a £190,000 gap. It has already secured a £180,000 capital grant from Arts Council England and a loan of £220,000 from Carlsberg UK.

A new report to the council, which has just been approved, says: “The provision of funding to Project Space Leeds would aid the completion of the Tetley gallery and…bring cultural provision nearer the most disadvantaged areas in Leeds together with regenerating an area of the city centre which would benefit from increased footfall. With the refurbishment of their base at The Tetley, PSL will provide the city with its first independent contemporary arts centre.”

The YEP understands the money comes from a larger pot of grant funding set aside for arts projects and will not adversely impact on other possible future bidders. The report says the advance funding will be repaid by reducing the existing planned annual revenue grant to PSL. However it is acknowledged there is some risk because there is no way of predicting future financial viability of the project over the 10 years of the lease.

A Leeds city council spokesperson said: “The Tetley forms an early part of a major regeneration in the South Bank of the city, and will act as a catalyst for other developments in this area.” Pippa Hale, co-director of Project Space Leeds, said progress was “absolutely fine” and she stressed all the funders were providing vital help in helping complete the work.

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Financial Tips, Education, and Credit Counseling Appointments Offered by St …

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

St. Louis Park, Minnesota (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

Any Minnesota resident can take advantage of Consumer Credit of Minnesotas services by visiting the Consumer Credit of Minnesota website, or by calling 952-544-6800.

Here are some tips for financial health and peace of mind from Consumer Credit of Minnesotas certified credit counselor, Kent Johnson:

1.Get spending under control by tracking expenses for a month. Put all receipts in an envelope and total them at the end of 30 days.

2.Use a combo of checking, savings, and debit cards to separate bills, savings, and spending.

3.Borrow only for those items or assets that hold or appreciate in value or that last longer than the length of a loan.

4.Try to limit monthly debt payments to less than 40% of your monthly net income.

5.Make sure your car payment doesnt exceed 15-20% of your net income.

6.Secure two types of credit: installment loans, and rotating credit to satisfy future lenders

7.Only take on a second mortgage to increase the value of your home.

8.Never borrow from payday loan or payday advance companies. They generally create more problems than they solve.

9.Set up an automatic deduction from your checking account to force yourself to save.

10.If you need help or are feeling stressed about money and debt, call one of our expert credit counselors for advice.

Almost 70% of those in financial trouble are able to resolve their money troubles. Were here to help. Its great to meet with people, do a credit counseling session, and to see them get back on track, says Kent Johnson, Co-Director at Consumer Credit of Minnesota.

Consumer Credit of Minnesota has been counseling, advising and structuring debt consolidation and repayment programs for Minnesotans for several years. Our debt consolidation and repayment programs, and educational efforts touch thousands of families and individuals. Our repayment programs return millions of dollars per year to unsecured creditors – helping the people we serve regain self-sufficiency while avoiding bankruptcy.

The Consumer Credit of Minnesota team and credit counseling experts are available for speaking engagements or interviews. To schedule a media appearance, please contact RayeAnn Hoffman at 952-544-6800 or rayeann(at)ccofminnesota(dot)com.

Visit us at or on Twitter @ccofmn.

SOURCE: Consumer Credit of Minnesota

For further information about Consumer Credit of Minnesota:

Kent Johnson

Telephone 952-201-4350 or email kentj(at)ccofminnesota(dot)com

RayeAnn Hoffman

Telephone 952-544-6800 or email rayeann(at)ccofminnesota(dot)com

Read the full story at

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Newark man loses $1000 in loan scam

Monday, February 24th, 2014

A Courtney Street resident looking to receive a loan ended up losing more than $1,000 last week in what Newark Police say appears to have been a scam.

According to NPD spokesman Cpl. Gerald Bryda, the incident was reported to police on Jan. 31 by a man who said he was browsing the Internet for a cash loan when he was directed to another website.

He began talking with someone from the website via email and over the phone and said the person promised him a loan in exchange for $500 for insurance purposes paid in the form of Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

Bryda said the man put $500 on the card and gave the card number to the caller, who told him that the payment didnt go through and asked that he send an additional $300, which the victim did. The victim then sent a third and final payment of $250 to the caller.

According to Bryda, the victim called police when he never received his loan and stopped hearing from the caller. He said he was unable to reach him via email and could no longer find the website he originally accessed.

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Forage Aid Eases Unprecedented Flood Woes

Monday, February 24th, 2014

He said: When something goes wrong we can all support one another there is no industry in the world that would rally to help like this.

Mr Blair, who currently has 150 acres under four feet of water, has donated 32 haylage bales and is now coordinating other trailer loads from Hertfordshire.

I know that if the roles were reversed then people would help me, he added. I have excess forage this year, Id rather send it to someone who needs it than keep it.

However, the NFU is now urging willing farmers to coordinate donations so forage is available over the coming weeks.

With so much being shipped, storage is an issue and the flooding could last months.

Some communications are being directed via twitter through #forageaid which was founded byLincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward last year when snow around lambing time stretched feed supplies on upland livestock farms.

Assisted by contracting, haulage and farm businesses, as well as ASDA and Tesco, the support is invaluable, said NFU south west regional director Melanie Squires.

But, she added: The implications of the floods are not just immediate but medium to long-term, too.

We will continue to support our members by coordinating aid and providing advice, in partnership with those on the ground, and the respective farm care charities.

Another twitter discussion thread – AgriChatUK – meets tonight from 8-10pm (Thursday 13 February) allowing the current situation and possible solutions to be explored.

This is the purpose of the Somerset Levels and Moors 20 year action plan, a document outlining action points to minimise damage and prevent future flooding.

Owen Paterson, UK Environment Secretary asked for a single overarching plan to guide policy in the Somerset Levels and Moors which has to be submitted by 7 March.

lsquo;Dredging the rivers has been placed at the top of a list of proposals submitted by regional drainage, flood action and wildlife groups.

Action points include soil management, creating new wetlands areas, woodland planting, creating new farm ponds and adapting flood plain farming. These are believed to be ways to reduce the risk and impact of flooding.

Additionally, temporary financial relief has been given to farms on mortgage, cash flow and tax.

Mortgage repayment holidays, faster cash loan access and overdraft extensions are measures made available to flood victims byHSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, RBS, Barclays and NatWest.

NFU chief economist described the support for famers as lsquo;overwhelming.

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Investigators seize £12k in cash from loan shark’s home

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

A loan shark has admitted illegally lending money and money laundering.

Pirzada, of Lillie Road, Fulham, appeared at Isleworth Crown Court
on February 10. She pleaded guilty to engaging in activity requiring a licence, one count of possessing criminal property and another of transferring criminal property between 2009 and 2013.

49-year-old was arrested in February last year after the England Illegal Money Lending Team, which works with Hammersmith and Fulham Council
, searched her home and seized more than £12,500 in cash and documents relating to her loan shark business.

She will be sentenced on March 17.

Greg Smith, deputy council leader, said: “Loan sharks use despicable methods to exploit some of the most vulnerable members of society. They are a blight to our communities, pretending that they generally care about someone’s welfare only to charge the most exorbitant interest rates.

“We are working hard to rid the borough of the scourge of loan sharks but in the meantime our
advice is to avoid any contact with them.”

report a loan shark, email or call the 24 hour confidential hot line on 0300 555 2222.

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Cash Advance USA Releases Fact Sheet About Payday Loans

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Consumer misperceptions and marketing hype have given payday loans a mysterious form of anonymity. This highly publicized, and often debated, loan category is home to some of the most frivolous misconceptions and myths. In an attempt to debunk some of these myths and help consumers make more informed decisions, Cash Advance USA, a company that specializes in payday loans has released a comprehensive fact sheet.

There are so many insights that we wanted to share with borrowers. The most common misunderstanding about pay day loans (or cash advances) surrounds credit check requirements. What many consumers do not know is that many lenders simply bypass the credit check for short term cash advance loans. There are many similar perceptions that we have debunked through our fact sheet, which is now available at, explains Mark Miller, CEO and founder of Cash Advance USA.

According to Miller, the fact sheet attempts to demystify some of the common misperceptions, such as:

* Credit requirements. Surprisingly, Cash Advance USA estimates that nearly ninety five percent (95%) of borrowers still believe that a stellar credit is a pre-requisite for short term loans. Fortunately, cash advance loans cater to both individuals with good and bad credit. Since many lenders within this category of loans simply do not perform credit checks, credit requirements are often not considered in the decision making process.

* Myths about inquiries. Another complaint put forward by consumers revolves around the myth that an online pay day loan application will trigger penalty points and a hit on the credit report. That is simply untrue, says Miller. A credit check is not performed for most applications.

* Application complexity. A personal loan application, such as the one provided on Cash Advance USA is a simple thirty second loan application. There are no complex paper work requirements and funds are deposited into the borrowers account within twenty four hours.

* Lender reputation. Contrary to popular belief, many top lenders offer low interest payday loans that nearly anyone can afford. While there may be questionable lenders in the general marketplace Cash Advance USA pre-screens nearly all its lenders to ensure only the cream lenders work with borrowers.

* Documentation requirements. This is a major one. Since short term loans are primarily offered on the basis of payroll and employment records, there arent many documentation requirements. The paperwork required is much more streamlined as compared to the process at traditional banks or lenders.

Cash Advance USA is a reputed website where borrowers can initiate a loan application and obtain approvals for short term cash advance loans. The site features a conglomerate of lenders that work closely with borrowers to offer low cost loans. Very often, the funds make it to the borrowers accounts within one business day. The company has been in existence for over fifteen years and has facilitated the loan approval process for over ten thousand applicants.

Media Contact: Mark Miller, Cash Advance USA Ltd, (512) 571-3828,

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach:

SOURCE Cash Advance USA Ltd

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United Cash Loans 123 Says Student Loans May Represent Threat to US …

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

United Cash Loans 123 Says Student Loans May Represent Threat to US Economy if Left Unchecked
Student loan delinquencies are on the rise and there is a growing fear that this rising debt will have a similar impact on the economy as the housing market collapse.

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What not to do in 2014 for tax & investment planning

Friday, February 21st, 2014

By Subhash Lakhotia
Tax amp; Investment Consultant
Tax Guru : CNBC Awaaz

What not to do in the year 2014 is very important from the point of tax and investment planning in the year 2014, if you want to have a blissful happy life and if you want to have a wonderful experience in the wonderland of tax planning and investment planning, then here is a list of all those 14 items which you should not:

1.The first important item is not to think at all of tax evasion because tax evasion will result into penalty and prosecution. Avoid tax evasion.

2.Ensure that you do not make gifts to your spouse, your daughter in law. Otherwise the provisions relating to clubbing of income will be attracted. If at all you cant resist making big new year gift to the spouse and the daughter in laws, then ensure that the investment by them is done in such vistas where the income becomes tax free.

3.Dont think of buying a residential property just in your name only. Think of buying a new residential property in the year 2014 in your name as well as in the name of your spouse and major children and that too with loan so as to achieve maximum deduction for each of them on account of interest on loan to the extent of Rs. 1,50,000 per person.

4.Do not deposit during the whole year more than Rs. 1 lakh in the PPF Account of yourself and your minor children taken together. If you do so, you will lose interest on the amount deposited in excess of Rs. 1 lakh. Also ensure that you do not open Multiple PPF Accounts in the names of the family members in different banks.

5.Dont think of buying a property with your funds but in the name of your wife. Tax wise this is not a good proposition. Better think of buying property with the funds of your wife and if no funds better give interest bearing loan to your wife and never Interest free loan to wife amp; Daughter in Law.

6.Dont think of making investment in the stock market by taking loan bearing interest specially when you are contemplating to sell the shares after keeping it for a long time because when the gain on shares becomes Long-term Capital Gain, your interest on the loan so taken will not be allowed as a deduction.

7.Never make payment of Life Insurance premium for your parents, for your brother and for your sister. I know you love all of them but the fact remains if you make the payment the tax deduction will not be allowed to you as per section 80C.

8.Dont buy or sell any property in any part of India lower than the circle rate because the difference between the price of the circle rate and the transaction price will be added to your income.

9.Dont be hungry to receive gifts from non-relatives of an amount exceeding Rs. 50,000 in a financial year or else be ready to make payment of tax.

10.Never ever think of taking cash loan of an amount exceeding Rs. 20,000 from anyone in the world or else be ready to pay the penalty equal to the loan amount.

11.Whatever be your urgency during the course of your business or profession but never ever think of making cash payment of more than Rs. 20,000 to one person or else your expense even genuine will be disallowed by the Tax Department.

12.Dont destroy your tax records for at least six years so that in case of reassessment proceedings you can show the records and papers and avoid all the tensions and worries from the Tax Department.

13.Dont think of making purchase of property more than Rs. 50 lakhs or else if you want to purchase the property more than Rs. 50 lakhs, be ready to deduct tax at source at the rate of 1 per cent.

14.Dont buy Gold amp; Gold Jewellery in a big manner or else you may be liable to wealth tax if net taxable wealth exceeds Rs. 30 lakhs. Better buy Gold Mutual Funds or Gold Bees.

The author is tax amp; investment consultant at New Delhi for last over 40 years. He is also Director of M/s RN Lakhotia amp; Associates amp; The Strategy Group.

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