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Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding Closes Q1 With Growing Lawsuit Cash Advance …

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) April 19, 2012

Woodridge Pre-Settlement Funding, LLC, a leading provider of lawsuit cash advances celebrating its first year anniversary in April has grown rapidly, experiencing a triple digit increase in business in first quarter 2012.

Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding, LLC was founded in 2011, and is a sister company of Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, a major player in the cash flow industry for nearly two decades. Woodbridge has been an innovator and a leader in the specialty finance arena and brings vast experience, in addition to an unmatched reputation for excellence, to the new venture.

Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding quietly and methodically funded more than 250

pre-settlement cases in its first two months of operation. Now Woodbridge is making its mark in the pre-settlement arena and is firmly establishing itself as a company not to be taken lightly in this industry. The company has established a solid base of referring lawyers who trust that Woodbridge will not only work hard to provide their customers with the needed funds, but also give the highest level of customer service in the industry. Woodbridge has earned a reputation of treating its customers as individuals, paying attention to their needs and providing them with the cash necessary to help them through some of the most difficult times they have ever experienced.

Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding provides advances against pending lawsuits that have a high probability of settlement, as well as settled cases where the plaintiff is awaiting payment. The process of applying for a lawsuit cash advance is quick and easy. Individuals with a pending or recently settled lawsuit simply can call or apply online — answering a few pre-screening questions. No application fees or credit checks are required and if qualified, plaintiffs can often have their cash within 48 hours — with no risk. If the case doesnt settle, the advance does not have to be repaid.

This has been an amazing first year, stated Executive Vice President Richard Salvato. We have helped many plaintiffs through the difficult pre-settlement phase of their lawsuits, aiding them in their quest to achieve the justice they deserve. A cash advance often provides the leverage they need to obtain the highest possible settlement. It is common for plaintiffs to experience financial pressures that force them to settle early — a move that often results in a smaller settlement. Salvato explained that Woodbridge Pre Settlements mission is to help every accident and injury victim receive a fair settlement.

Woodbridge is projecting continued growth due to a large number of plaintiffs seeking the level of customer service and expertise that the company has long provided. Woodbridge subscribes to the theory that every clients need is unique and important and will never be treated as a faceless individual on a factory assembly line. This can potentially cause growth to be slower than the indifferent approach of other companies in this industry, but it produces good sustainable and long lasting growth built on a strong foundation. The formula works, and Woodbridge is proud of its business model and its commitment to excellence.

Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding, LLC can be found online at

About Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding, LLC

Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding, LLC, is a sister company of Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, a pioneer in the cash now financial services industry. Since 1993, Woodbridge and its predecessor companies and founders have been providing lump sum cash payments for future structured settlement, annuity and lottery winnings with over 1 billion dollars of purchased future payments.

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New Personal Finance Services Announced By USA Payday Forever

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Cash Advance Website Announces New Personal Finance Services. The USA Payday Forever Website Is To Be Updated To Reflect This

(PRWEB) April 18, 2012

USA Payday Forever recently announced that they have created new personal finance services for their online cash advance website. Now that they have partnered up with an unnamed personal finance company, they have more resources at their disposal to create the cash advance services they think their customers would like to use.

Recently, USA Payday Forever teamed up with a personal finance company to help them improve their current services, as well as create new ones. The reason they are doing this is because they have noticed a decline in customers to their online cash advance website. They have stated that they think that the reason they have lost out on customers is because their current services are not what people are looking for anymore.

One reason they think that customers are not looking for their services is because of all of the bad press cash advance services get. This is especially brutal when customers actually do have bad experiences with cash advance services. Whether or not customers are at fault for their bad experiences, USA Payday Forever has stated that they want to bend over backwards for consumers of personal loans so that they may be able to handle their finances as best as possible.

The new cash advance services that USA Payday Forever has come up with are designed to better accommodate risky borrowers. To this end, they partnered up with the unnamed personal finance company because they have experience tailoring personal loan services to meet the needs of many customers. Therefore, both companies have combined their expertise to bring a great product to payday loan customers.

USA Payday Forever has mentioned that while they have created these new payday loan services, they have not implemented them onto their website yet. Their first plan of action is to write new copy for all of the current services they are keeping, as well as for their new payday loan services. They have stated that they will be using the same copywriters they hired in the past, as well as some advisors from the unnamed personal finance company they are working with.

They said that the copy for these personal loan services would be released slowly over time. This is because they want to ensure that only the highest quality of copy makes it to their website. Once they have the copy up, they can plug in the new personal services into the online website interface. Each new piece will be announced over time.

About USA Payday Forever – USA Payday Forever is an online company that helps consumers find and obtain personal loan services. For more information about USA Payday Forever, please visit their website at

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Saturday, April 28th, 2012 now helps Travel and Vacation businesses get away from traditional business loans with business cash advances.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

Business cash advances have been a great source of working capital for traditional retail businesses for several years, but now – just in time for the summer tourism season – theyre available to high-risk businesses in the travel and tourism industry as well, thanks to

As with any other merchant cash advance, the travel and vacation-oriented advances are designed to be fast, flexible, and fee-free. Whether a business is a high-touch walk-in travel agency, a vacation planning company working exclusively on the internet, or a click-and-mortar combination of the two, proof of ability to repay the advance (generally through credit card factoring) is the key criteria to receiving funds.

MerchantCashinAdvance, LLC, one of the largest merchant cash advance companies in the world with 24/7 global support for its services and products, has already eliminated application fees through the month of May. Now it is offering a viable alternative to small businesses loans to a whole new market, and no credit reports are required.

The company, which is headquartered in Orange County, California, provides information about merchant cash advances and its other products, as well as a simple-to-complete online application on its website:

Every business cash advance provided by is tailored to the specific business in need of funding. Once approved, clients have the option of receiving their merchant cash advance on their schedule, so they can expand or develop their businesses at whatever speed is best for them. The company also offers merchant invoice advances, and other cash advance products.

Application is simple: visitors simply fill out the online merchant cash advance application and wait for a call from a merchant cash advance specialist, which comes within 24 hours. The assigned specialist will explain the companys merchant cash advance credit card factoring program in full. Online merchant cash advance applicants at can also expect same-day approval.

For quick business cash advance processing and approval, travel and vacation business owners can visit and complete the application form.

About is the worlds largest merchant cash advance lender.

Company Contact Information

Rebecca Randells

1839 9th St. Dallas, TX


Phone : 877-871-6097

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USA Payday Forever Finishes Copy For New Cash Advance Service Pages

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Personal Finance Company USA Payday Forever Announces That They Have Finished New Copy For Their Cash Advance Services. The Time For Upload Is Still Unknown

(PRWEB) April 20, 2012

Today, USA Payday Forever announced that their personal finance copywriters have put the finishing touches on their new cash advance services page web copy. Recently, they said that they had already put together all of their new payday loan services, as well as update their older ones for present consumer consumption. They also said that the new copy for each service would be slowly created to ensure the best possible personal finance copy.

These new changes came after USA Payday Forever joined forces with a personal finance company. They have partnered with this company, but nobody has publicly revealed who they are. Also, there are no other details about this company that have been released. The only thing that anybody knows is that USA Payday Forever has teamed up with them to create new cash advance services, as well as update their other personal finance services.

At first, the negotiations were slow with this personal finance company because USA Payday Forever need to show that they were willing to make changes to their cash advance services. Once they made the appropriate changes to their company, then the negotiations for partnership were sealed. The result of this process included the creation of the new cash advance website copy that was announced today. It is expected that tomorrow they will announce yet another service for which they have completed writing web copy for.

On top of this news, USA Payday Forever is also promoting their cash advance services across the Internet using Article Search Engine Marketing’s white hat SEO services. This search engine optimization campaign is paving the way to help bring customers to their payday loan website to get the payday loan services they need. This is especially important after they had changed their services due to their nature being outdated.

They payday loan services for USA Payday Forever were so outdated that customers were no longer interested in obtaining them. This required an overhaul with the help of the unnamed personal finance company to help them with their personal loan services. Now they are poised to promote these personal loan services to those who actually need the help. Once more details about the search engine optimization campaign for their personal loan website are clear, they will announce them.

About USA Payday Forever – USA Payday Forever is an online company that helps consumers find and obtain personal loan services. For more information about USA Payday Forever, please visit their website at

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Friday, April 27th, 2012

Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 04/13/2012 — works only with the legally approved payday lenders who have a state license. The objective of the website is to provide best deals to the customers in a secure manner. Some of the payday lenders are Payday One, Payday Max, 100 Day Loans, Ameri Advance Payday Loan and more. Experts say that a person can get a payday loan from the website in a very safe, easy, simple and quick manner. The website provides payday loans from $100 to $1000 or more.

Reviews explain that all the payday lenders associated with the website follow state and federal lending laws. Therefore a borrower does not have to worry about going into any legal complications and the charging of any hidden fee. Moreover borrowers do not have any issue of the credit history as with the traditional lenders. Also the website provides no fax payday loans as no faxing of data is required. A person can avail the services of the website 24/7 to get payday loans online.

Experts say that the website deals with the pay day loan lenders that provide highest amount of money at nominal interest rates to the customers. In general, people borrow pay day loans to cover car repairs, medical expenses, overdue bills, necessary home repair, broken appliances, planning a trip and finance related issues. The website says that apart from providing the basic information like name, state, loan amount, email id and zip code, a borrower has to fulfill certain requirements to borrow payday advance. A person must have a current, dependable employment with some consistent monthly income. The person must be 18 years or older and a permanent citizen of US. Also a person must have a current savings or checking account with direct deposit. After the form is submitted, the website redirects the borrower to the payday lenders where the person gets the best deal for the cash loans.

About provides nominal rate of interest and the fees on fast cash is very low as well. In addition the service rendered is quick and efficient. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Payday Loan Solutions is an online financial matchmaker, pairing up clients who are short on cash with lenders in their state who can help them get a quick loan to tide them over until the next paycheck arrives. The application process can be completed online and is safe and secure. No credit check is required, and most people get their money very quickly, sometimes within minutes.

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Personal Loan Service Upgrade Announced By USA Payday Forever

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

USA Payday Forever Has Made New Changes To Their Personal Loan Services. These Changes Are In Accordance With Their Personal Finance Agreement

(PRWEB) April 24, 2012

Recently, USA Payday Forever announced that they have put the finishing touches on their brand new personal loan services. These services are being offered on the new version of their cash advance website. The new version of their personal loan services were first agreed upon in their personal finance company negotiations as a part of their agreement.

Originally, USA Payday Forever was a part of detailed negotiations between themselves and an unnamed personal finance company. They and this company decided together that they needed to make several different changes to their personal loan services. They havent yet released all of these changes at one time. These cash advance website changes have been released over time. One of these changes was a necessary upgrade to the personal loan services at the USA Payday Forever website.

Among other changes needed by the personal finance company are changes to their website copy for their various cash advance services. USA Payday Forever has been having their cash advance copywriters work on their payday loan web pages. They have not completely completed these web pages, but they have released information concerning releasing some of these pages.

These cash advance web pages are not only part of the plans needed by the unnamed personal finance company, but they are also a part of USA Payday Forever’s search engine optimization campaign. On top of that, USA Payday Forever has their search engine optimization team working with the website overhaul team to perfect the design of their cash advance website. Their hope is that customers will finally have a website that they can use to the best of their ability.

In the near future, USA Payday Forever is to announce new payday loan services for their cash advance website. The new payday loan services will be accompanied by new payday loan web page copy. The web page copy for their new payday loan web pages will be written by their longstanding copywriting team.

USA Payday Forever released a statement in regards to their new payday loan services. This statement said, “As a part of our agreement to the personal finance company, we have revamped our payday loan services. In addition to this, we will be putting up new copy for our website in regards to these services.”

About USA Payday Forever – USA Payday Forever is an online company that helps consumers to find and obtain personal finance services. For more information about USA Payday Forever, please visit their website at

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Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 04/04/2012 — Money is something that everyone needs whether it is for good or bad time. With the Good Friday and Easter Monday coming ahead, the demand for cash increases widely. helps people with payday loans in the festive season. This has been concluded by the latest study made by the expert team of the website. An individual wants to purchase gifts for the friends and relatives. Moreover people want to purchase new clothes for the friends and relatives on different occasions. With an already tight budget, the demand for cash has widely increased. The website does not lag behind in providing the customer with cash loans. Mike Wallace from Detroit, Michigan comments: “Payday Loan Solutions was there for me when I needed help with an unexpected traffic ticket. I got the cash I needed within minutes and I paid off the ticket. I am glad I used Payday Loan Solutions to help me.”

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Police appeal for information on illegal money lenders in St Austell area

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Police are appealing for members of the public in the St Austell area to come forward if they feel they may have been approached by illegal money lenders.

The appeal follows an incident where a 30-year-old local woman got into difficulties after accepting a cash loan from an illegal money lender (loan shark).

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Unraveling the mystery of missing N$250 000

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The   investigation into the N$250 000 that went missing from funds of the Oshakati Police Club, which was allegedly used as collateral security for an individual businessman, has recently been completed. Police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner, Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed to Informantà that their findings and recommendations were forwarded to the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga, on 20 March 2012 for his decision.

Originally fingered in this dubious transaction were several high-ranking officials, including the Police Commander of Otjozondjupa Region Commissioner, Joseph Anghuwo, Deputy Commissioner, Rauha Amwele, in charge of Administration at Oshakati and Commissioner Kobus Meyer, Police Commander of the Hardap Region. Informantà first published the revelations in its 14 -19 October 2011 edition, in which it was argued that the trio could be helpful to the investigation into the matter, as all of them were based in Oshakati during 2004 when the money was pledged to the bank.
Commissioner Meyer, who was suspected of being the mastermind of the whole arrangement, later exonerated Commissioner Anghuwo. Meyer told Informantà that the original intention was to keep the money in the bank in order to accrue interest and at the same time it would serve as collateral security for businessman, Basie Koopman Waters. The businessman, Waters, who was involved in building construction, was then based in Ohangwena region, but he is now living in Opuwo and is employed by someone else, because apparently he has “no facilities to be on his own.”
Meyer and Waters were associates at the time of the transaction and it was reported that Meyer allegedly arranged for his friend to be rescued from a pressing financial crunch by providing the public funds as collateral security for a loan from Bank Windhoek. Waters failed to honour the agreement and the money was forfeited to the bank.
For her part, Amwele alleged that there is a witch-hunt against her by fellow officers who she labeled as “power-hungry and jealous.” She never denied any involvement in the matter, but was apparently “shocked and humiliated“ after she was mentioned as one of the officers involved in the scandal. She has been based at Oshakati since 1990. Amwele (48), who has been on extended sick leave since the matter was exposed seven months ago, earlier told the media that the money was procedurally given “on humanitarian grounds” to a known member of the force after approval by the former Oshana Regional Commander, Joseph Anghuwo.
She also pledged at the time, if so required, to reveal the name of the police officer to whom the money was given. Irate police officers in Oshana Region have hailed the conclusion of the long-delayed investigation into what they consider to be a scandalous arrangement involving public funds under the care of senior police officers.
“We are heartened to hear that the matter has now been investigated and handed over to the Inspector-General for immediate action. It is very shocking and surprising to hear that there has been money in the police force available to any force member, but this was not mentioned to some members of the force. Instead, we are left financially crippled and have our ATM cards detained at cash loan agencies, while money is apparently available to borrow. This is not fair. If the money is legally approved by the government, it should be available to all of us. We need equal treatment for equal rights,“ complained one disgruntled police officer.

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Gary Holden takes new challenge Down Under

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Former head of Calgary utility Enmax Corp. Gary Holden has resurfaced in a strangely appropriate job.

Holden, who resigned abruptly in January 2011 after several scandals associated with spending, is now chief executive of payday loan giant Cash Store Australia.

Gary is a seasoned business executive with a track record of growing companies and building shareholder value, said Gordon Reykdal, chair of the Cash Store board, in a statement late Friday.  Since joining our board in 2011, Garys leadership skills have been put to work and he has made a direct and substantial contribution toward positioning our company for the future. Gary will strengthen our stakeholder relationships and position us for profitability.  I am delighted that he has agreed to take on this important role and the challenges that come with it.

Billed as the only payday advance broker in Australia publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange, Cash Store boasts 81 payday advance branches in the States of Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, New South Wales Australia and South Australia, according to the company.

During his five-year tenure, Holden oversaw a doubling of profits for Enmax on higher power prices, larger customer base and a growing slate of power generation projects.

The executive, who holds dual Canada-New Zealand citizenship, also oversaw fancy parties at his home which included performances by rocks stars such as Gord Downie and Tom Cochrane on the city-owned utilitys ticket. The festivities were to promote Enmax products, Holden said, but the optics werent as clear.

When the CBC revealed Holden took an all-expense paid trip to Monaco, courtesy of a German software company contracted by Enmax, public furor and board embarrassment reached the tipping point. Holden resigned for the better good of the utility.

So, good luck to Holden in his new job in Kiwi Land. Not that hes likely needing a loan, though, having taken a $4.6-million severance package.

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