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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Wilmington, DE — (SBWIRE) –01/05/2012 — offers their customers hundreds of different payday loan online options. The company understands the difference in what each individual loan company offers and seeks to find the ideal client for each customer. This is why they are expanding their client base. The website is a one-stop shop for those seeking emergency cash loans.

Once visitors reach the site, all they have to do is fill in a short questionnaire which will take about one minute. After the site receives the visitor’s address, he is greeted with the perfect lender in his location. This service is designed to reduce the frustration felt by consumers who know that time is of the essence when looking for payday loans. knows that mistakes are often made when in a dire financial situation. They hope that their service eliminates these errors and introduces customers with loan companies who have the ideal set of loan terms for each individual.

With tailor-made loans of this nature, paying the outstanding amount back in the allotted time is easy. Every client associated with has the ability to deposit the money in a customer’s amount within an hour. The website has chosen only to associate with companies who have an excellent Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. The cash is delivered so quickly because each instant cash loan company has an efficient approval technique and once the loan is approved, the money is transferred electronically. The loan terms are always reasonable and the customer can repay the loan in full when he receives his next pay check. will only accept loan companies who meet strict standards. They are only interested in the needs and welfare of the consumer and will not do business with any loan company that is deemed to be a threat to customers. Those who use this website will also find that their privacy is guaranteed. Being short of cash can be embarrassing and no one wishes to be in this situation, let alone allow their problems to become public knowledge. The site is safe and secure with the personal information of customers kept away from companies who are not affiliated with

It is hoped that the expansion will open up more avenues for those who experience a cash flow problem. wishes to remind their customers that a solution to their stressful situation is only moments away.

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Payday Advance Services Q&A Event Announced by

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Payday Advance Services Qamp;A Event Announced by
A Qamp;A session has been planned by They plan to answer questions from their payday advance customers.

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Cash America International, Inc. Fourth Quarter 2011 Earnings Conference Call

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan 20, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —

/quotes/zigman/221568/quotes/nls/csh CSH

, a leading provider of
specialty financial services to individuals, will hold its quarterly
conference call to discuss Fourth Quarter 2011 results on Thursday,
January 26, 2012, at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time (7:00 a.m. Central Time).

This call is being webcast by Thomson Reuters and may be accessed on
Cash America’s website at .

The webcast is also being distributed through the Thomson Reuters
StreetEvents Network to both institutional and individual investors.
Individual investors may listen to the call at
and institutional investors may access the call via password-protected
event management site at .

About the Company

As of September 30, 2011, Cash America International, Inc. had 1,083
total locations offering specialty financial services to consumers,
which include 782 lending locations (including eight unconsolidated
franchised locations) operating in 23 states in the United States under
the names “Cash America Pawn,” “SuperPawn,” “Maxit,” “Pawn X-Change,”
“Cash America Payday Advance,” and “Cashland,” and 186 pawn lending
locations, of which the Company is a majority owner, operating in 21
jurisdictions in central and southern Mexico under the name “Prenda
Facil.” The Company also operated 109 unconsolidated franchised and six
Company-owned check cashing centers operating in 18 states in the United
States under the name “Mr. Payroll” as of September 30, 2011.
Additionally, as of September 30, 2011, the Company offered consumer
loans over the Internet to customers in 32 states in the United States
at ,
in the United Kingdom at
and ,
in Australia at ,
and in Canada at .

For additional information regarding the Company and the services it
provides, visit the Company’s websites located at:

SOURCE: Cash America International, Inc.

Cash America International, Inc.
Investor Relations
L. Dee Littrell, 817-335-1100

Copyright Business Wire 2012


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Cash America International Inc.



Volume: 651,169
Jan. 27, 2012 4:02p

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Embattled president under fire for threats to journalist

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

GERMANY is facing a new crisis on top of its euro troubles as pressure mounts on its president, Christian Wulff, to quit following revelations of his attempts to suppress newspapers from writing a damaging story about a cash loan.

Formerly loyal supporters are now distancing themselves from the president, who took over 18 months ago after his predecessor was forced to step down over embarrassing comments he made about the German efforts in Afghanistan.

Resignation would be a major blow to Chancellor Angela Merkel, his chief sponsor, but commentators believe there may be no other way out for him.

Having survived reports before Christmas that he failed to declare a loan of EUR500,000 (about £417,000) when he was the leader of the state of Lower Saxony came revelations this week of threats he made against the editor of the country’s biggest newspaper, Bild.

The calls were made on 12 December and make a mockery of the president’s insistence that he respects press freedom.

The Bild story that he had received a EUR500,000 loan from the wife of businessman Egon Geerkens, and concealed the fact in a response to a parliamentary question in February 2010 about whether he had business ties with Mr Geerkens, was true.

But not only did Mr Wulff phone the Bild boss – threatening “war” – it was also revealed yesterday that he called the broadsheet Sunday paper Welt am Sonntag to try to stop it publishing an article last summer.

He summoned one of the editors to Bellevue Palace in Berlin, where he lives, and threatened “unpleasant and public consequences if the article was published”, Die Welt wrote. The article in question was about Wulff’s family, difficult childhood and an estranged step-sister.

Prominent news magazine Der Spiegel said: “In the last two days, the silence of [Wulff’s] allies has been deafening. Leading members have refrained from making any public comment about the reports that he effectively tried to censor negative media coverage about him.”

The same is true in his home state. Karl-Heinz Klare, deputy chairman of the CDU parliamentary group in the Lower Saxony parliament, said: “Many party members rang me up. All have made negative comments about Wulff’s behaviour. People want this matter to be completely investigated, otherwise the office of president will be damaged.”

Holger Zastrow, a member of the national parliament for the pro-business liberal Free Democratic Party, the junior partner in Ms Merkel’s coalition, said: “If it’s true that he as president personally rang up an editor-in-chief and left a message on his mailbox then that’s not the stature I expect from a German president.”

Although Mr Wulff’s role as president is largely ceremonial, a resignation would be hugely damaging for Ms Merkel, who is struggling to contain the euro crisis. But editorials in newspapers that traditionally support her conservative party indicate the omens are not good.

Die Welt said: “A president who expresses his commitment to press freedom only to trample on it at the decisive moment seems out of place in an open society. Politicians, and that includes federal presidents, don’t need to be and shouldn’t be saints, and they can even have made big mistakes in their pre-presidential lives, but they must learn from those mistakes and obtain a kind of integrity by fire that shapes their future actions.”

The conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said Mr Wulff’s behaviour “is that of a head of state who has taken leave of his senses”.

It added: “How else can one imagine a president on his way to meet the Emir of Kuwait talking at length with the editor in chief of a tabloid newspaper on his mailbox about ‘waging war’ … if an undesired article about him, Wulff, is published?”

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What are Cash for Car Titles?

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Various banks and other financial institutions offer loans which is named cash for car titles. These are actually loans that provide customers with cash in return for the title to your car. You will be able to get the title back as soon as you repay the loan.

Cash loans for car titles are usually only short-term loans with a period of two weeks to four weeks in general. Banks and financial institution will determine the value of your car and based on this you are able to borrow money for a short time. You will then be required to turn over the title of your car and give the lenders a spare set of keys until you repay the loan. Although it is a quick way to get cash, one should know that this type of loans usually carry high interest rates.

The reason why people take out cash loans for titles is because the lender will not review their credit history and credit score before giving them this kind of loan. They are assured of your vehicle if you are unable to pay. Most people that go for this loan are usually those who have less than perfect credit and who have a hard time securing other loans that are based on credit history. Additionally, cash loans for titles are quickly processed and you will be able to receive the loan without having to wait for days to get approved or go through a mountain of paperwork.

In the case of not being able to repay the loan, borrowers are given options to extend the loan for an extra month to give you a little bit of more time to come up with the full amount of payment. However, financial institutions will also raise the interest rate of the loan. Although cash loan for car titles seems to be a quick solution for your finances, it is strongly advised to not jump and take out this kind of loan without even considering how you are going to pay for it. No matter how good the loan offer looks, it is still a loan and it can cause you more trouble if not managed well.

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Eat, drink, be merry but tomorrow you die under debt load

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

President Jacob Zuma has warned of another potential financial meltdown and the rand has slipped to new lows against the dollar, euro and sterling, heralding further rises in fuel and other prices. The cost of the staple food of the majority, mealie meal, having already risen 22 percent this year, is about to rise again.

This week the Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa) pointed out that the average prices of vegetables, meat and transport had all increased in recent months. At the same time, said Fedusa general secretary Dennis George, the disposable income of workers had registered a significant fall.

Despite this background, business is hoping that all the tills in all the towns of South Africa will jingle merrily this Christmas. And business analysts are already predicting that this may well be the case, based on sales for September.

Trade union activists and analysts do not necessarily disagree.

There is increased pressure now for working-class families to buy more to keep their families happy for Christmas, says National Council of Trade Unions general secretary Manene Samela.

He and other unionists are aware that sales and marketing departments have been hard at work laying the ground to ensure a boost in retail turnovers. Already in place are various techniques and tactics aimed at propping up bottom lines.

This, in the final analysis, is the business of business, to guarantee the steady growth of profit that, in the process, adds to the statistics for growth in the economy. And growth, as the business lobby and the government keep insisting, is good.

The labour movement agrees but only if it is real growth.

This means more and better jobs along with greater material output and productivity. Retail sales, like increases in insurance premiums and security company profits, can often be the antithesis of real growth.

Although the labour movement has noted on various occasions that the call to spend, spend, spend is very short-sighted, the call continues to be made along with the contradictory demand from the government to save. From a union viewpoint, much management thinking and planning extends only to the next quarterly or half-yearly results, without any consideration of the long-term consequences.

The fourth quarter of the year, ending with the Christmas season, provides one of the best opportunities for such blinkered thinking and actions to match.

Samela points out that this opportunity seems to have been exploited to the full in recent weeks.

He and other unionists maintain that the measures taken to get the tills of the towns ringing are similar to those that led, via the subprime mortgage debacle in the US, to the current and ongoing global crisis.

They point out that in the US and Europe, in particular, it was the extension of credit to unsustainable levels that boosted sales of everything from cars and televisions to houses.

Such credit extension was lauded while it contributed to optimistic asset and growth figures. Then, as payment defaults mounted, financial assets were declared toxic and the system began to unravel.

Not that organised labour thinks that anything near the same level is about to happen here, although the concept of buy now, pay later and later still is now firmly in place.

Take, for example, cars. Pre-Christmas radio adverts now encourage us to buy a brand new vehicle on credit on the basis that the first payment will only be due in six months.

Of course terms and conditions apply, such as a clean credit record and enough, quite costly, insurance cover.

But in at least one case, even a deposit or the trade-in of an older vehicle is waived.

For ordinary working people even those earning enough to qualify to buy a bottom-of-the-range car six months can mean anything from mere survival to destitution. Clean credit records may be severely tarnished in that time.

The absence of a clean credit slate should, of course, preclude the 9 million South Africans who already had impaired credit records at the end of June this year. These are people who are at least two months in arrears with their accounts.

Other deeply indebted households may so far have avoided joining this listing by merit of borrowing still more.

According to the latest available figures there has been a near doubling since 2010 in the number of other loans and advances along with an increase in consumer credit.

This month, flyers were distributed around the country under the heading life is expensive, pointing to a payday advance. They come from reputable second-hand dealer and moneylender Cash Converters and offer instant cash loans against your next salary.

This is part of the other loans and advances available in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA), which was supposed to protect poorer, non-bank borrowers from usury. But since the act allows for an interest rate of 60 percent a year (5 percent a month), along with administration and initiation fees, a R1 000 loan can, over 12 months, cost 135 percent only if administration and interest payments are met every month.

As this column pointed out in 2005 when the NCA was promulgated, repayments can be much higher if interest and admin charges are not paid every month. Because then, interest can be added to the unpaid loan, making for a classic debt trap.

And when poorer families find themselves in such a trap, they all too often resort in desperation to the mashonisas, the illegal moneylenders whose business does not seem to have been affected by the advent of the NCA.

In such cases it is not just income and possessions on the line, but life and limb.

So while the tills may indeed ring merrily in the run-up to Christmas, they will also sound a dirge for millions of working people who will face greater debt and difficulty in the coming year.

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Dec 13, 2011 (SmarTrend(R) News Watch via COMTEX) — Below are the top five companies in the Consumer Finance industry as measured by relative performance. This analysis was compiled based on yesterdays trading activity as we search for stocks that have the potential to outperform.

Advance America Cash Advance (NYSE:AEA) ranks first with a loss of 0.55%; Ezcorp (NASDAQ:EZPW) ranks second with a loss of 1.85%; and American Express (NYSE:AXP) ranks third with a loss of 1.86%.

SLM (NYSE:SLM) follows with a loss of 1.99% and Capital One Financial (NYSE:COF) rounds out the top five with a loss of 2%.

SmarTrend currently has shares of Advance America Cash Advance in an Uptrend and issued the Uptrend alert on August 17, 2011 at $8.20. The stock has risen 10.2% since the Uptrend alert was issued.

Write to Chip Brian at


SmarTrend analyzes over 5,000 securities simultaneously throughout the trading day and provides its subscribers with trend change alerts in real time. To get a free trial of our trading calls and maximize your trading results, please visit

Get exclusive, actionable insight into how the market is expected to trend prior to market open with our free morning newsletter. Sign up at:

Copyright, Comtex News Network, Inc. 2011

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"Mobile Money" Helping People Get the Money They Need for Just in Time for …

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Worcestershire, UK — (SBWIRE) — 11/23/2011 — The holiday season is approaching quickly, and rather than feeling festive and relaxed, many people are feeling stressed and worried.

Due to the shaky economy, people all over the UK have had their hours cut at work or have been laid off. As a result, the thought of trying to scrape up enough money to buy presents for everyone on their list is leading to grief rather than joy.

A website has been receiving a lot of attention lately for its ability to help get cash-strapped people throughout England and Wales the money they so desperately need to help have a merry Christmas. Since 1998, Mobile Money has specialised in cash log book loans, which lets its customers borrow anywhere from £200 to £25,000 quickly and easily.

For customers who would like to make Christmas easy with a logbook loan, using their car as security, they may contact the friendly staff at Mobile Money 6 days a week and usually be approved for a cash loan right away – oftentimes in about 15 minutes. Clients typically get their money in less than an hour.

Helpful articles on the company’s website explain in detail the process for getting a log book loan as well as who is eligible to apply. For example, Mobile Money will hold onto the logbook and MOT certificate until the loan has been paid back. Then the documents are returned to the customer.

Clients may take up to 36 months to pay back their logbook loans, and as a bonus, they get to keep their car the entire time.

“We don’t worry if you have a bad credit history or you’re self-employed as we will ensure you are able to afford the payments and will treat your enquiry in the strictest confidence,” an article on the website explained.

“We lend responsibly and we value your custom – lots of our customers have been with us from the very beginning and have used our cash logbook loans service many times.”

Using the website is easy and user-friendly; customers may apply for their loan directly on the home page, by phone, or in-person at one of Mobile Money’s 33 locations.

As an accredited member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association, people who need money can rest assured that as they apply for a loan to help cover their holiday expenses, Mobile Money will follow the CCTA Code for Practice for Responsible Lending and provide each and every customer with professional, respectful, and courteous service.

About Mobile Money:
Mobile Money is the UKs leading lenders of logbook loans, with thousands of happy customers. Founded in 1998 we now have 33 branches spread out all over the UK. Our customers can get a cash loan 6 days per week within 15 minutes of calling us. For more information please visit

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Best Bad Credit Payday Loans From Top Online Lenders

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 (Press Release Distribution) – Dec 08,2011 –

Urgent bills and dire economic conditions push more people into finding quick cash advance loans online. But where to find the best rates, reliable online payday lenders withgreat terms? There are lenders out there who offerinstant guaranteed approval and fast overnight transfers as well as easy, quick online applications with no faxing of documents or teletrack. is the review service that ranks online loan providers according to several criteria and real customers are the ones who rate and review each lender.

The goal is simple – to educate people and provide as much as possible information about the lenders. While many charge steep fees, there are ways to manage ones finances and avoid a debt trap when using payday loans.

Once you land on the site, you will see a list of online lenders ranked according to the overall approval rate. The approval rate matters because it allows to save time on filling out applications and applying for a cash advance. You can go directly to thelenders reviews andview what real customers had to say. Please, also drop your e-mail if you wish to help us rate lenders and write a review.

There are several crieteria used to rank lenders which include terms, loan cost and overallapplication process. Applying to several top lenders from the list will allow you to choose the offers that best suit your financial situation. For example, you can opt for an installment loan if you would like to pay over time in small payments. Or, a two week standard payday advance if you would like to pay the loan more quickly. As youestablish history with the lender, you will get a lowerAPR over time.

NOTICE: Payday loans should be used as a bridge between paychecks. Do not use such loans to finance long term expensive purchases that you cannot afford. Do not apply for a loan amount that would exceed 30% of your next paycheck. Different states regulate payday loans differently. These regulations may result in smaller loan amounts,different loan terms and application procedures. Residents of Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Oregon and West Virginia are not eligible to apply for a payday loan.

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Personal Cash Advance Responds to Loan Repayment Report

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Personal Cash Advance Responds to Loan Repayment Report

The site has posted the results of a new study conducted in Utah on its home page. The study showed that the overwhelming majority of cash advance borrowers repay their loans in full before the states maximum legal extension time of ten weeks.

Unusual occurrences may easily rise that are able to make difficulties for many folks over startling conditions. Grabbing any necessary Online Cash Advance might be a brilliant concept to assist anyone as a r