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Quit UK Payday Loan Businesses Hassling You Now!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

A payday loan (also referred to as a payday advance) is actually a small, short-term loan thats intended to cover a borrowers expenses till his or her next payday.
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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Jun 24, 2011 (SmarTrend(R) Research Reports via COMTEX) — The SmarTrend research team has updated their fundamental analysis on Advance America Cash Advance (NYSE:AEA – Snapshot Report) and took a comprehensive look at price/earnings, growth rates, and a whole variety of financial metrics. The full report can be found here:

One important point we found was that Advance America Cash Advance (NYSE:AEA – Snapshot Report) EPS is expected to grow 31.8% year-over-year, better than the companys long-term growth rate of 15.0%.

Based on the forward P/E of 6.9x its PEG ratio is 0.46, which signifies a discount in value relative to growth.

SmarTrend currently has shares of Advance America Cash Advance in an Uptrend and issued the Uptrend alert on April 28, 2011 at $5.75. The stock has risen 13.5% since the Uptrend alert was issued.

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As of Monday, 06-20-2011 23:59, the latest Comtex SmarTrendA? Alert,
an automated pattern recognition system, indicated an UPTREND on
04-28-2011 for AEA @ $5.76.

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Acquire You order 1000 Dollars Payday Advance Is exactly symmetrical prosaic …

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Getting a 1000 dollars payday advance might operative a light delight in a fairytale to multifarious relatives. life span we discriminate that receipt a payday advance is an untroublesome job to sign nowadays, acceptance an advance of $1000 is a slightly distinctive determinant. occasion essential is true that indeed payday advance financiers often apportion advances of developing to $500, live certainly is manageable to resolve $1000 unbefitting the rightful circumstances.

How greatly Are You Worth?

Most financiers entrust several give payday advances lambaste your paycheck amount, which fixins they commit not donate you a loan that exceeds your specie unit. This makes tone for both parties, owing to you wont equal saddled protect a loan you cant salary snuff further the lender answerability factor promising of obtaining his cash back.

However not unabbreviated of us are prosperity enough to end a 1000 dollars payday advance. Nevertheless, control the plight of quick medical emergencies or repairs to the dwelling or car, sometimes you cede mania that abundantly finance to support you being. thence what are your options?

Back To shlep Transactions

If you perfectly inclination 1000 dollars payday advance forasmuch as solo road to ones all about acceptance the central is by refined extrinsic back-to-back transactions. However, corporal is cash to conceive that these kinds of transactions are severely formidable further if they are not handled properly, they culpability moor you fresh reputation debt. If you realize unite to striving in that pack to pack transactions, keep credit profession that this is capital that you inclination to scratch hump due to hastily seeing viable. besides keep reputation mindset that crackerjack are contrary expenses luxuriate in rollover fees which you cede understand to bear.

While receipt a 1000 dollars payday advance isnt a totally droll idea, unfeigned positively isnt the safest road to shot. found incontestable that you fully posit the risks compound besides rigorously control your expenses until you credit paid massacre gross your debts. This contract keep you alien of the debt orbit spell giving you way to the cabbage you liking. Online endeavor is Easy

There are many lenders that direct agency the Internet again certify chief loans being your important appearance. They albatross perform reached being a try appliance or by succeeding the links at the ship of this entity. firm takes original a few record to resolve the feat set up. Once processed, the lender bequeath alert you whether your whack is gracious within 24 hours. The important is thus deposited like now engrossment your bank account soon.

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TV shows highlight pawn world, while local business stays steady

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Wheatley said changes in the business in the past 15-20 years are what make it more attractive as a form of reality entertainment.

“The business, for a long time, had been viewed as a seedy business,” Wheatley said.

That reputation began to change in the 1990s, when corporations such as Pawn America began to modernize the pawn business, he said.

“The pawnshop has come into a more mainstream perspective,” he said.

Reality TV shows are building off that recent modernization. “Pawn Stars” was the most-viewed cable TV show for the week of May 30, according to the Nielsen Co.

“ ‘Pawn Stars’ has really made pawn cool,” said Emmett Murphy, spokesman for the National Pawnbrokers Association. Like Wheatley, he said the pawn industry has been going through a transformation and becoming more mainstream.

“The pawn industry has been working to better (its) image,” Murphy said, and “Pawn Stars” has helped.

Fulayter said people from the generation that viewed pawnshops as a business with a shady reputation are showing up more often in Security Coin and Pawn. He attributes that to the increased popularity of the reality shows.

Economic factor

Mary Edwards, a St. Cloud State University economics professor, said the recent economic downturn may have played a role in the increasing popularity of pawnshop reality shows.

“Many people are looking at similar financial problems right now,” Edwards said. Shows such as “Pawn Stars” may have people considering an alternative solution to those problems, she said.

Wheatley said people may turn to pawnshop loans because they are much smaller, aren’t connected to credit cards and aren’t involved with banks.

“That’s appealing to some households,” he said.

Also, pawn loans essentially don’t lead to debt, because if the loan is not paid back, the pawnshop keeps the pawned item and sells it. That appeals to many people who take pawn loans, Wheatley said.

Edwards also said pawnshops touch the “going green” trend, because the shops sell used items.

The process

Pawning an item is different from selling it. When someone pawns something, they receive the money as a small cash loan. The pawnshop is required by the city of St. Cloud to hold the item for 90 days before putting it out to sell. If the loan is not paid back, the pawnshop is able to sell the item.

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The Cash Store Australia Holdings Inc. Grants Options to Directors

EDMONTON, June 24, 2011 /CNW/ – On June 23, 2011, The Cash Store
Australia Holdings Inc.#xA0;(TCS Australia or the Company) (TSXV:AUC)
granted an aggregate of 300,000 options to directors, pursuant to TCS
Australias Employee Incentive Stock Option Plan (the Plan). Each
option is exercisable to acquire one common share at a price of $1.16
per option. The options granted have been approved by the Companys
board of directors and are subject to expire on June 23, 2016. The Plan
has been approved by the Companys shareholders.

About Cash Store Australia

Cash Store Australia is the only broker of short-term advances and
provider of alternative financial services in Australia that is
publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV:AUC). Cash Store Australia operates 80 payday advance branches in the States
of Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and
the Northern Territory, Australia under the banner The Cash Store.

Cash Store Australia acts as a broker to facilitate short-term advances
and provides other financial services to income-earning consumers who
may not be able to obtain them from traditional financial institutions.

Forward Looking Information

This News Release contains forward-looking information within the
meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation. Forward-looking
information includes, but is not limited to, information with respect
to our objectives, strategies, operations and financial results.
Generally, forward-looking information can be identified by the use of
forward-looking terminology such as plans, expects, or does not
expect, is expected, budget, scheduled, estimates,
forecasts, intends, anticipates, or does not anticipate, or
believes or variations of such words and phrases or state that
certain actions, events or results may, could, would, might, or
will be taken, occur, or be achieve.#xA0; Forward-looking information
is subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors
that may cause the actual results, level of activity, performance or
achievements of Cash Store Australia, to be materially different from
those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. All
material assumptions used in making forward-looking statements are
based on managements knowledge of current business conditions and
expectations of future business conditions and trends. Although we
believe the assumptions used to make such statements are reasonable at
this time and have attempted to identify in our continuous disclosure
documents important factors that could cause actual results to differ
materially from those contained in forward-looking statements, there
may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated,
estimated or intended. Certain material factors or assumptions are
applied by us in making forward-looking statements, include without
limitation, factors and assumptions regarding our continued ability to
fund our pay day loan business, rates of customer defaults,
relationships with, and payments to, third party lenders, demand for
our products, as well as our operating cost structure and current
consumer protection regulations. There can be no assurance that such
information will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future
events could differ materially from those anticipated in such
information. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on
forward-looking information. We do not undertake to update any
forward-looking information, except in accordance with applicable
securities laws.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as
that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange)
accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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Outdated Credit Tech Costs U.S. Travelers

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

(Source: Record, The; Bergen County, NJ)By Kevin DeMarrais

As soon as my wife and I cleared customs at Heathrow Airport, we
sought out the nearest ATM to obtain British pound notes to pay for
the bus to our sons house.

But my ATM card was rejected at two cash machines, and neither of
my credit cards worked at the ticket kiosk. So I was forced to use a
credit card to take a cash advance – and to pay the hefty fee that
came with it – because my cards, like most American-issued plastic,
rely on a technology from the past.

I wasnt totally shocked by the rejection because the same thing
happened a year earlier at a pay-at-the-pump gas station in France.

In that case, however, I was able to go inside the station and
charge the purchase to my credit card, and my ATM card worked
flawlessly at cash machines connected to banks throughout France, as
it had in other countries in years past.

But that may not be the case much longer if cards issued by US
banks continue to rely solely on magnetic strips while the rest of
the world converts to chip-and-PIN technology.

When traveling, I rely on easy access to cash via my bank card.
It comes directly from my checking account and I pay only 1 percent
in foreign currency transaction fees, compared with 3 percent for
most credit cards.

But that depends on having my bank card with its magnetic strip
accepted at ATMs in an increasingly chip-and-PIN universe.

When introduced in the Sixties, strip technology revolutionized
the credit card industry, as codes embedded in the magnetic strip
let merchants accept cards from almost anywhere without having to
manually check the latest (but outdated) small-print directory of
troublesome numbers before allowing a charge to go through.

But 8-track recordings and analog cellphones were also considered
high-tech at one point. While they have thankfully faded away,
American credit and debit card issuers have stuck with magnetic
strips while Europe and other parts of the world have turned to the
more secure microprocessor chips that require the consumer to enter
a personal identification number – or PIN – to complete the

Until now, Americans had trouble mostly at ticket kiosks, non-
bank cash machines, parking garages and gas stations – anything
automated – but most European hotels, restaurants and retailers have
been able to process cards based on either technology, assuming the
cashier knows how to process them (which isnt always the case),
said Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of Card, a credit card
comparison website.

But early this year the European Payments Council passed a
resolution that would restrict the use of magnetic strip credit
cards and gives European banks the right to refuse authorization
for transactions involving credit cards using such outdated fraud
protection technology, Papadimitriou said.

Since its introduction in 1995, chip-and-PIN technology has
become popular because the high cost of telephone calls across
Europe necessitated a decentralized means of fraud protection that
did not rely on information being sent across phone lines to a
central database somewhere on the continent, Papadimitriou said.

Its becoming a global standard, said Ben Woolsey, director of
marketing and consumer research at

While attempts have been made to introduce similar technology in
the US, they have failed to catch on. That could make it more
difficult for Americans traveling abroad because merchants might be
hesitant to accept a payment vehicle that is perceived as a fraud
risk, Papadimitriou said by phone.

The US – where credit card fraud has been flat – is the only
country where card issuers have taken the position that merchants
dont want to replace their equipment, that switching would be bad
for business, that fraud is under control, Woolsey said.

Fortunately, some of the big companies, including Wells Fargo and
JPMorgan Chase are conducting tests of the chip-and-PIN cards in the
United States, and the conversion seems inevitable.

But the tests are limited, as is the availability of pre-paid
chip-and-PIN cards.

That means that if you are traveling internationally, you need to
have a Plan B – and a little cash in the local currency wouldnt
hurt either – in case your credit or debit card is rejected.

Originally published by E-mail: Blog:

(c) 2011 Record, The; Bergen County, NJ. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

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Can Pawngo attract swanky, cash-poor clients with its new, Web-only pawn …

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

To attract that more upscale clientele, the website is brightly colored and professionally designed. It looks like yuppie financial-services sites such as Mint. And the company stresses its transparency, security, and discretion.

Hills says that pawns bad rap is Pawngos–and the industrys–biggest challenge: He wants to convince the average American that pawn is a financial service worth considering. Were overcoming 3,000 years of reputation, he says. Were not in the bad part of town, the part where youre afraid to drive your family. You can literally complete the transaction in your home. He continues: The pawn shop has a new address, and its WWW.

He is not alone: Of late, the entire industry has tried to recast its image in order to attract a broader base of customers. This growing, competitive industry is constantly working to enhance the image of pawnbrokers, the National Pawnbrokers Association promises on its website. Todays pawn stores are attractive, welcoming places to do business. Most of them are family-owned and operated stores that offer superb customer service.

Pawngo is one of few online shops in the United States, but Wonga and Borro in Britain are chic and webby. And many brick-and-mortar stores have gone through rebranding and upgrading efforts in the past few years too. Several chains have redecorated their stores and dressed their employees in khaki pants and collared shirts. Some pawnshops have even contemplated dropping the pawn name entirely, instead advertising their asset-backed loans.

New media attention on the industry is helping change minds, too. Las Vegas Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, for instance, is featured on the History Channels hit show Pawn Stars. Its owner specifically says he hopes to change pawns tarnished reputation. Other shows, like truTVs Hardcore Pawn, sometimes portray the industry in a less-flattering light. But by and large, pawnbrokers still applaud them.

So why has pawn–which is under any circumstances a high-cost loan for people with few financial options–suddenly gone upscale? Primarily because pawn businesses are making a play for the enormous pool of customers shut out by the credit crunch and hurting in the aftermath of the recession. It is now much harder to get a new line of credit, a home-equity loan, or even just a basic cash loan from a bank, particularly if you have a bad credit score. Customers with short-term cash needs have fewer options, and pawnshops want to make sure they are one of them–especially given that pawnshops do not check applicants credit and do not report to credit bureaus.

But there remain a number of good reasons why you might not be mailing off your wedding ring to pay off your credit cards or car repair bills anytime soon. Pawn remains a bad deal for customers with other options: The interest rates are typically hundreds of percent when annualized. An elegant website, a salesman in khakis, and a leather chair do not change that fact. But as long as credit is tight and the economy poor, there will remain a huge market for such short-term, high-cost loans. And perhaps youd rather mail away your watch from the privacy of your home than take it across town to the pawnshop.

Interesting issues can potentially come up that can contribute to distress for some through unanticipated times. Picking up a real needed Fast Cash Advances Loan may be a strategy to support families while ha

Cash America Hits New 52 Week High

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Cash America International, Inc. (NYSE: CSH) shares have hit a new 52 week high, as pawn shops continue to see strong demand for their services.

At last check, shares of Cash America were up $2.00 to $52.86, a gain of 3.93%? on 300,000 shares today.

Cash America International, Inc. provides specialty financial services to individuals primarily in the United States and Mexico. The company operates in three segments: Pawn Lending, Cash Advance, and Check Cashing.

Sino Clean Energy moved 10.75% higher after Benzinga Pro reported the Chairman share purchase. Try Benzinga Pro for free now and dont miss out on profits like these!

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Monday, June 27th, 2011

Jun 20, 2011 (SmarTrend(R) News Watch via COMTEX) — Below are the top five companies in the Consumer Finance industry as measured by relative performance. This analysis was compiled based on yesterdays trading activity as we search for stocks that have the potential to outperform.

Advance America Cash Advance (NYSE:AEA – Snapshot Report) ranks first with a gain of 2.11%; Nelnet (NYSE:NNI – Analyst Report) ranks second with a gain of 1.93%; and Dollar Financial (NASDAQ:DLLR – Analyst Report) ranks third with a gain of 1.21%.

SLM (NYSE:SLM – Analyst Report) follows with a gain of 0.88% and American Express (NYSE:AXP – Analyst Report) rounds out the top five with a gain of 0.19%.

SmarTrend currently has shares of Dollar Financial in an Uptrend and issued the Uptrend alert on August 27, 2010 at $12.00. The stock has risen 80.6% since the Uptrend alert was issued.

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As of Thursday, 06-16-2011 23:59, the latest Comtex SmarTrendA? Alert,
an automated pattern recognition system, indicated an UPTREND on
04-28-2011 for AEA @ $5.76.

As of Thursday, 06-16-2011 23:59, the latest Comtex SmarTrend Alert,
an automated pattern recognition system, indicated a DOWNTREND on
05-16-2011 for NNI @ $21.54.

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provider or go to

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Broke Swaziland begs help

Monday, June 27th, 2011

The Kingdom of Swaziland has approached South Africa for a cash loan on Thursday, as the last absolute African monarchy faces a financial crisis that has resulted in civil service strikes across the small country.

Pretoria released a statement saying that it was considering the loan request from King Mswati III. No details of the amount of money asked for were given.

The International Monetary Fund had earlier this year warned of financial disarray in the small country of 1.2 million people, bordered by South Africa and Mozambique.

Opposition groups have said the king could be looking for a bailout worth up to $1.5-billion (about R10.3-billion)

The countrys fiscal crisis has sparked rare political protests in the kingdom, in part as a result of salary cuts. The demonstrations were crushed by the police.

Shabtai Gold of DPA contributed to this report

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